The ceremony which lasts for 2 days, holding at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, will be spilt into 2 sessions; 10am and 3pm sessions on the 29th of November to 30th November, 2016 The traffic in the Abuja Metropolis would be expected to be unbearable throughout the days of the event. This is as a result of the arrival of the new lawyers and their family members, friends and well wishers who have come from all over the country to witness their wards wear the wig and gown for the first time. We could also understand that some candidates have been in town for over a week to be screened and for subsequent collection of invitation cards, which will admit their family and friends into the auditorium. The “new wigs” are expected to be settled at the auditorium before the designated time. The highlight of the event is usually when the Chief Justice of the occasion orders the candidates to put on their wigs. The lunch/dinner follows suit at the same venue, with the guests ordered out of the conference hall, before the “new wigs” start eating. We could interpret that as anything, though some call it the initiation…. Congratulations to our new set of lawyers! Below is copy of the Invitation call-to-bar]]>