Says He Is Worried That Such Allegations Are Being Made Against Such Super Cop Who Appears To Be Clean
Says If Iron Is Suspected To Have Rusted, Then Firewood Is Infested With Incurable Gangrenous Cancer

Jibrin Samuel Okutepa, SAN, has said that the Nigerian government should conduct a forensic audit of Security and Justice Institutions.

Okutepa, made this remark following the allegations against DCP Abba Kyari by Hushpuppi and the barrage of other allegations being reeled out by other Nigerians really give me anxious moments to worry for our dear nation Nigeria.

THENIGERIALAWYER had reported that a District Court of California, in the United States ordered for the arrest of Abba Kyari, following the indictment by American authorities for allegedly being in bed with a notorious fraudster, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas(Hushpuppi).

But, unfazed, Kyari had also denied the allegations in a statement posted on his Facebook page, where he insisted that “my hands are clean”.

However, the Inspector-General of Police, (IGP) Usman Alkali Baba, and the Police Commission today, declared him suspended from the force.

The Learned Silk in his statement on Sunday said for now Mr Kyari is presumed innocent until his guilt is established by those who are making the allegations.

“But I get worried that such allegations are being made against him at all given what appears to be his clean and spartan exploits and very dogged and anti- crime fighter of great repute and courage.

“These allegations should worry many right-thinking persons. It posses so many lessons to be learnt. It shows that those who cannot resist the temptations that their positions in life throw at them must be bold enough to through in the towel when they sensed danger.

“The saying that there can be no smoke without fire is apt here. While waiting for the guilt of Mr Kyari to be determined, the allegations against him are pointers to how both our institutions and those working for these institutions seem to have two personalities.

“The first personality is the personality of purity in appearance of the institutions and those who work with or for these institutions. These personality portrays these institutions and those working there as angels who do no wrong or who cannot be corrupted and influenced to do wrong at all.

“The second personality is the personality that does the opposite of what these institutions ought to represent and do.

“This second personality unfortunately is the personality of most institutions in Nigeria including institutions with constitutional mandate to give justice pure and undiluted.

“For those of us familiar with legal processes we all know that most high profiles cases are lost at the stages of investigations and collation of evidence.

There are many high-tech criminal suspects walking around in some cases at the corridors of power in Nigeria because those who have the duty and responsibility to investigate and exposed them have chosen commercial and selfish interests at the expenses of national and collective interest of all and compromised many cases to the prejudices of justice and good conscience.

“The myriad of insecurity in Nigeria today cannot be devoiced from the corrupt system and corruption permeating our security agencies who have placed too much emphasis on personal commercial gains than doing the real jobs that they are paid to do. It is these underlining factors of corruption and corrupt practices that have made our institutions to be lacking the much-needed independence to save this country from total collapse.

“While I am not passing judgment or asserting that the allegations against Mr Kyari are true, I am worried that given his superlative performance as a police officer from the surface. I am deeply troubled that these allegations with details particulars can be made against.

“Clearly if iron is suspected to have gotten rotten as it appears here, then we must note that ordinary firewood in the system has been infested with insurable dangerous cancer, which devastating effect on the entire security apparatus is in clear jeopardy.

“The allegations against Mr Kayri must be looked into beyond Mr Kyari. We need to know whether indeed we have security agencies and judicial institutions that have men and women in it that are enemies of the State, called Nigeria.

“This Abba Kyarigate has presented an opportunity for Nigerian government to do forensic audits of the institutions that have responsibilities of our security and justice,  with a view to finding out the bad eggs in them and flush them out.

“Nigerians are interested in institutions that work and not institutions that make few privileged who work therein as supper men and women of questionable and unexplained wealth or who go about with outward pontification of purity but with dirty acts and heart of injustice.

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