I received numerous reports of her promiscuity —Husband A trader, Mrs. Omolara Deinde, has dragged her husband before an Agege customary court in Lagos State over irreconcilable differences and family interference. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that according to the complainant, she got married to her husband, Segun over fifteen years ago. “We married at a very young age and my husband was full of dreams and hopes for the future. “I was happy to marry him then, even though he had nothing. After the birth of our first child, my husband started misbehaving. All he started talking about was how to travel out of the country. Eventually he travelled and abandoned me and my three children. I had to engage in all sorts of odd jobs to survive. He didn’t bother to call and his family members did not care whether me or my children survived or died. It was my parents that stood by by me and ensure that all our needs were taken care of,” she said. She further told the court that when her husband eventually returned from America, he did not bother to contact her or make any efforts to see his children. “When I heard that he had come back, I went to look for him. His mother chased me out of their family house claiming that I was the one that prayed that her son should be deported. My husband sat there and didn’t utter a word while his family members rained insults on me. “All my husband had to say was that while he was away he heard that I had become promiscuous and that I had children for other men.” She begged the court to end the marriage adding that she was no longer interested and that she wanted custody of her three children. “I want this court to end this marriage as I have not benefitted anything from it. I want custody of my children as my husband does not care in anyway about them. He is even denying that he fathered them, despite the fact that they are all splitting images of him,” she said. The defendant, Segun, however said that he too was also in support of the dissolution of the marriage as his wife had tarnished his image. “Everything that she has said here today is a lie. I travelled out of this country on her insistence. I was not deported but came back voluntarily having gotten my papers. I also did not deny that my children are not mine. I asked to end the marriage first because I received numerous reports of her promiscuity. I also want the custody of my children because she has negatively influenced them. “ She opened a beer parlour and my eldest daughter works as a bar maid there. She has numerous boyfriends who call her at every odd hour. I intend to take my children and she is just fighting dirty because I don’t intend to take her along.” President of the court cautioned them to keep the peace and also asked them to bring two members of their family for possible mediation.]]>