Edebiri made the call on Tuesday, at a sensitization seminar on anti-corruption held in Abuja. Rev. Edebiri, expressed who expressed support for anti-corruption war in the country said the government should be seen to be fair and unbias in the fight, saying that the group was not satisfied so far with the way the fight was going. According to him, no one should be denied a voice in a democratic space and government must do things fairly and quickly. “We support the anti-corruption crusade of the present administration. We believe it is a right step in the right direction. ”Nigerians should give support to what government is doing. We need to recognize that if we do not kill corruption, corruption will kill this country. ”Corruption has become a culture in this country and we need to think about the future of our country and that of our children.” Continuing, the leader of the group said, ”We are not happy the way we are going. We also want government not use corruption as a weapon to intimidate or drive opposition out of the political space. Everybody should have a voice in a democratic space”. “Our judicial system, if left the way it is will not help the anti-corrution drive, the National Assembly should come up with laws that would set up special courts to deal with corruption cases expeditiously.” Edebiri however, canvassed for a special court for corrupt individuals decried the unnecessary delayed usually experienced at the traditional courts in the corrupt cases. “In the regular courts, people come up with all manner of injunctions and the cases are prolonged but when we have special courts with special laws, the cases would be dispensed with easily. “We believe that in taking people to court, the first step should be to recover what they have stolen, sentence them and then ban them from holding public office for life. “We don’t want those people dancing around and bouncing back after serving their sentences, we are tired of thieves being our rulers, so you have to ban them from the political space so that we begin to send the right massage that it is no longer business as usual,” he added. He said the fight against corruption should not be for the president alone, but for all to stand for it for Nigeria to move forward. “We would mobilize Nigerians both at home and outside the country to support the fight against corruption. We are getting data and will work with government to give them figures. ” There is so much research we have done and so much reports we have that would help government. We will take our campaign round the world capitals to call on government of those countries to help us open the vaults and return our stolen wealth,” he added.]]>