President Buhari said that, “We will conduct an investigation to know exactly what happened; the only way to bring an end to the violence once and for all is to look beyond one incident and ascertain exactly what factors are behind the conflicts.” His statement comes one week after hundreds of people reportedly died in four communities of Benue State in a significant clash following mounting tensions in Agatu. President Buhari appealed to the citizenry that “we are all one nation and one people.” He added that, “There should not be any reason why Nigerians of any group or tongue cannot now reside with one another wherever they find themselves after decades of living together.” He also said that, “Once the investigations are concluded, we will act immediately to address the root of the problem.” Mr. Shehu told our correspondent that “the shape of the investigation will most likely be either the National Security Adviser’s office or the Benue State police, but I do not know all the details now.” Mr. Shehu confirmed that President Buhari’s latest comments were in response to unrest in Agatu area.]]>

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