Atiku made this promise in Cross River, during the PDP presidential campaign rally in Calabar on Friday. “I want to promise you, you have always elected PDP, but this time around, if you elect PDP of which I’m sure you are going to do, Ben Ayade and myself will work very, very closely. “I want to promise you that the vision of Ayade to have a very deep seaport in Calabar will be actualised. Once that deep sea water port is operational, the number of jobs it is going to create for the young men and women of this State cannot be said. “It is going to create thousands of jobs for the young men and women of this state. Let me also assure you, I am going to partner with him to make sure that the super highway is realised. “This very state is so much endowed with natural resources and human capital resources. Do you know that you are one of the most educated people in this country. If we can develop your manpower, already this the only digital governor in the entire country. “So we shall continue to invest in education so that you can maintain your lead as far as educational advancement is concerned, because education is key to whatever you decide to do with your life. So I want to promise you, Ben Ayade and myself will join hands and invest more in education. “We shall invest more in the industries which he is building because we shall bring the private sector to be part of that investment so that this state can be transformed, so that this state can have prosperity, so that we can have development, so that this state can have advancement.” The National Chairman of PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, advised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the security agencies to be very careful so that they don’t plunge the country into crisis, adding, “they must not rig this election.” He said that with the body bag threat of Kaduna state governor, Nasir el-Rufai, the government cannot kill everybody. “You have heard about the body bag statement by the Kaduna Governor. We want to let him know that you cannot kill anybody anymore. And I believe that with this huge crowd in Cross Rivers State and in the South-South, South East and North Central, we are sure of victory. “Yesterday, we were at Katsina, the crowd was so much. They have lost it even in Katsina. They have lost the election even in Katsina. We will win Katsina. “Don’t rig this election. Election is about the people’s choice. It is about people coming out to vote. Our vote will count. They are scared, they are worried, they are in confusion. That is why they are running from pillar to post. “Running to security agencies, running to INEC for help. But we believe that our state institutions should not be destroyed because of one man. “They can’t destroy Nigerian Police Force, they cannot destroy the military because these are state institutions. And we believe that they will not take sides. “The police must not take sides, military must not take sides. If they take side, it will be terrible for our country. But God forbids, we are looking for peace, they are looking for war and body bags,” he said. Describing Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as the valley of corruption, where this present government siphoned money, Secondus said, “they are looking for money everywhere. They know that NNPC is a valley of corruption. So their money is coming from there for campaign. “Some of the businessmen they want to use including the Central Bank, to launder money for their campaign, we want to warn them that if they do, the cameras are watching them. And we will make it public when the time comes. We believe that we have the best candidate in this country.”]]>

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