Practical Approach to Criminal Investigation in Nigeria is one of the foremost authoritative practical-oriented textbooks that encapsulate criminal investigation procedures and techniques.

The text covers the entire gamut of police duties as it relates to arrests, investigation and trial of suspects culminating in the penal consequences. The book, though divided into three volumes, remains compact in analysis.

It covers all the fundamental basics of investigation laden with experiential undertone. Each of the volumes simplifies and harmonizes the general principles of criminal laws and evidence as applicable to criminal investigation.

The book further introduces the methodical approach in the handling of investigation as never covered by most books.

Most topics covered in the three volumes are of perennial value to senior officers with ambition on investigative duties and to senior citizens bordered by our criminal justice administration.

This is one of the most educative and professional textbooks in the subject area. This encyclopaedic and experiential approach to investigation will serve as a major friendly handbook for criminal investigators and other law enforcement personnel.

Criminologists, both the bar and the bench, will also benefit from the rich academic contents of the book.

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