An Nnewi-based lawyer, A. A Igwebuike has reacted to the alleged mutilation and tampering with the Attendance Register of NBA Nnewi branch as stated by the branch Disciplinary Committees.

Igwebuike in his response in the statement dated  4th June noted that he did not at any time inform the Disciplinary Committee or any other person that the former Chairman, P. C. Ugwuanyi  gave him the branch’s  attendance register, let alone altering same.

TheNigerialawyer reports that branch Disciplinary Committee Found the Fmr. Chairman, P. C. Ugwuanyi and A.A. Igwebuike, Complicit In Tampering With Attendance Register of the branch.

Igwebuike said: “I am A.A Igwebuike Esq. I am a member of the Nigerian Bar Association Nnewi branch.

I was one of the Chairmanship contestants in our branch in 2020 election.

I was to contest for the office with the present Chairman of the branch, Kingsley Awuka Esq. I withdrew my participation from the election when it was obvious that the 2020 Election Committee was not prepared to conduct anything in resemblance of free and fair election the members having made up their minds to rig the election in favour of the present Chairman Kingsley Awuka Esq.

“I have keenly read the press release caused to be published on the numerous social media platforms by the Chairman of the NBA Nnewi branch through the Publicity Secretary of the branch, Franklin Ofodeme Esq.

“I wish to state that the said press release was solely intended to tarnish my image. In the said release, I was reported to have told the members of the Disciplinary Committee of our branch that P. C Ugwuanyi, the immediate past Chairman of our branch gave me the attendance register of our branch for me to alter or mutilate same. May I categorically state here that I did not at any time tell the members of the Disciplinary Committee or anybody that P. C Ugwuanyi or anybody gave me the attendance register of our branch to alter anything.

“For the avoidance of any doubt, P. C Ugwuanyi, never at any time gave me the attendance register of our branch for any purpose. I did not alter the branch’s attendance register for any reason.

“During the 2020  branch election, but prior to the last emergency general meeting of our branch held at the premises of DPP Nnewi, the General Secretary of the branch, Odiegwu Celestine Esq, released the attendance register of the branch to the Chairman, Kingsley Awuka Esq for reasons best known to him. When it was later discovered that the General Secretary released the Attendance register to the Chairman (then aspiring chairman) without any application to that effect, to the general meeting or to the then chairman, P. C Ugwuanyi Esq, the then General Secretary claimed that he released the said register to the Chairman to enable him do photocopies.

“When we appeared before the 2020 Election Committee prior to the election but after the emergency general meeting of the branch held at the premises of DPP Nnewi, the General Secretary clearly admitted that he released the register to the Chairman but further claimed that he (the then General Secretary) instructed his secretary in the office to accompany the Chairman to do the photocopies.

“When I appeared before the Disciplinary Committee I realized that the Chairman (Kingsley Awuka Esq) was not invited by the Committee with respect to the said register.  I demanded to know from the members of the Committee why the Chairman was not invited because prior to the election I accused him of manipulating copies of the attendance register which he claimed to have photocopied but the Committee could not give me any cogent reason why the Chairman was not invited and I left.

I was shocked to my marrows when I read the report presented to the general meeting of our branch claiming that I told the Disciplinary Committee that P.C Ugwuanyi gave me the Attendance register of the branch for me to alter same by adding my name in some spaces.

“I wish to clearly state here that I was wrongly quoted by the Disciplinary Committee as I never told the Committee as was claimed in the report and I shall do the needful to clear my image that has been intentionally dragged to the mud by the members of the Disciplinary Committee and the Publicity Secretary of the branch.

“It is important to note that the 2020 Election Committee of the branch, by paragraph 1.08 of the post-election report it presented to the branch made it very clear that the voter’s list used in the 2020 election was Fraudulently padded in favor of the Chairman and nothing has been done about it till now. With all the blackmails presently going on in the branch I  may be compelled to petition the President of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA), for investigation of the monumental rigging that took place in NBA Nnewi branch in 2020 branch Election to be properly carried out.

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