*Says This Year’s Conference Will Address Economic Problems And Proffer Solutions
*NBA-SBL acts as a catalyst – Now In Collaboration With NASS — Mr. Seni Adio, SAN

 Chairman of Conference Planning Committee, Dr. Adeoye Adefulu, has said that the Companies and Allied Matters Bill needs to be signed into law, and the NBA-SBL is encouraging the government to do that.

Dr. Adeoye Adefulu, made this statement during the SBL brunch session at Westwood Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos, with respect to the 13th Annual Business Conference.

According to him, the provision in the bill will make businesses to be done with ease and take away a lot of bottle necks business owners face while running their business.

The Chairman NBA-SBL, Mr. Seni Adio SAN, in a brief speech, thanked members of the press for their continuous support over the years and encouraged them to continue reporting on various areas they work on — not just the conference also. According to him, the conference will be an international one as delegates from other African countries, Europe and America will be present at the event.

The Conference is expected to be full of many interesting topics such as: Pragmatic Ways To Solve Nigeria’s Growth Challenge; Health, Security and Education (HSE); Sexual Harassment In The Work Place Discussion On The Oil & Gas Industry – The Role Of The Private Sector In Fixing Nigeria; Making The Civil Justice System Better – The future Of Law.

Speakers at the event include: Toyin Sani, Emerging Africa Capital, Andrew Nevin, Chief Economist PWC CEO, Flying Doctor International, CEO for Teach for Nigeria.

During the question and answers segment, a representative from Silverbird TV asked on the assessment of the Nigerian economy in the last 4 years. Responding, Dr. Adefulu said that, no doubt, the economy hasn’t been doing well as a result of recession, and several other challenges it faces, but that, this year’s conference will find ways to provide solutions around increased and inclusive growth of the Nigerian economy.

Speaking on the level of government involvement at the conference, he said that the government is fully involved and will be as part of the panelist at the conference.

”Just like last year’s event, it helped the process of signing the AFCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Agreement) bill, even though we are yet to be a signatory but soon.

”The conference was instrumental in bringing it to the fore front of the government,” he said.

Also, Law editor at Daily independence, Mr. Stephen, asked to know what the leadership of NBA-SBL is doing to make sure the discussion at the conference is made a communiqué. Mr. Seni Adio in response said that NBA-SBL acts as a catalyst.

”For the first time ever, the SBL had a collaboration with the National Assembly and Nigeria Economic Summit Group to come up with NASBER- National Assembly Business and Economic Round Table.

Also, the establishment of PEBEC shows that the government is listening to them,” he replied.

A Lawyer and Reporter for UROK media, who is also a beneficiary of the SBL Academy, Gbemisola, also asked about employment and the future of work, since technology is here and taking over so many things, stressing that, some organizations are even talking of Fintech Lawyers. He asked to know if the conference will address it.

Dr. Adefulu also replied him saying that the conference will be treating discussions around Agricultural value chain, Health, security and education, and also look at how they will educate the people for the next economy.

He also added that Rashida Abdulahi, a lawyer based in the UK will be coming to talk about it and tell them how she has successfully been able to practice law even without an office.

Mr. Steve of the Daily independence then asked what the leadership is doing to make principals of law firms pay better salaries to the junior lawyers.

As usual, he said that there is need for a round table discussion on this issue, but the main NBA Conference for 2019 will address it thoroughly.

Mr. Ibe Uwaleke of the Advocate News encouraged the conference to challenge the government to carry out a census for them to know their number and plan better for the citizens.

Mr. Jude from Thisday also asked how the SBL are engaging the university law students on this conference. Dr. Adefulu, who is the Chairman, Conference Planning Committee said that conversations are already on at the various SBL clubs in schools and as challenges were thrown to them, the winner of the challenge will be part of the panelist of the conference.

The NBA-SBL was encouraged to post video recordings at their conferences and media room on their website so as to enable many to download.

Dr. Adefulu finally thanked the members of the press and encouraged them to continue to help communicate the mission and vision of the NBA-SBL to lawyers and the business community.

The event was a parley with the press to inform them about the Upcoming 13th Annual Business Law Conference on 26th to 28th June 2019, with the theme: ”Growth, Investment and Employment, Beyond Rhetorics.”

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