Kaigama stated this recently, during an interview with our correspondent in Jos the Plateau State capital, a forum where he beard his mind on issues affecting the country, especially the wanton killings going on unchecked by the federal government led security agencies. He said, “the most painful and disturbing about the sad and unfortunate situation the country has found itself regarding the circle of killings which has continued unabated is that the killers are referred to as unknown gunmen: when will the unknown gunmen be unknown. “This is a very sad nomenclature, why should gunmen be unknown for years?, they kill innocent people and destroy there means of livelihood and yet they are unknown: we have security agents mandated to ensure the safety of all citizen and within all military and paramilitary agencies we have intelligent units and yet these killers remain unknown: I can only describe this as being pervasive and it demonstrates the absence of political will to identify who these unknown gunmen are: we should stop pretending and stop being hypocritical, common sense tells us that these people are known but I think what is lacking is the political will and the sense of character to call a spade a spade”, he said. Recall that Benue State has come under series of attacks in the recent days of 2018, which has subjected government and it’s security agencies to series of backlash, especially from the Christian faith, owing to the fact that the casualties of these unknown gunmen are Christians and to make matter worse, the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, attributed the crisis that led to the lost of lives in Benue as communal clash between communities. However, the President of Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, has said when he meets President Muhammadu Buhari, he will tell him that since he took over office millions of Nigerians has lost their lives in the hands of unknown gunmen. “As a grass root person and a priest, I will tell the President what I have witnessed since he took over power; I will tell him that 29 people were killed in Miango in Plateau State under the watch of the Special Task Force and so many other killings that have taken place in different parts of the country: I will tell him that nobody has been reported to be arrested and prosecuted, since the circle of killings began and that is why the act has continued unabated”.]]>

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