Undoubtedly, the Faculty of Law university of Lagos is an hive for learning and social activities. However, a scintillating event and activity ensued which was the Law’s got talent 4.0.

The legal profession warrants maximum meticulosity to be shown by the students; albeit there are exquisite talents possessed by the students waiting to be unraveled.

Thus, the law students society in conjunction with the faculty of law orchestrated the platform for students to showcase their marked natural abilities. This riveting event ensued on the 18th of march 2016 in the school’s main auditorium. Eyes were popped out of the head as over six thousand converged to watch the sensational occasion.


It was hosted by Mc kunbi black. There were exhibitions of disparate talents and the duel for the grand prize of thirty thousand naira. The first roll of the dice was masterminded by the sumptuous duo of Tolu and Joy which nonplussed the massive crowd with their singing prowess. In the long run, other talents were displayed such as dancing, playing of instruments coupled with fashion shows.


Nevertheless, it was captivating, scintillating, mouthwatering and exceedingly efficacious from start to finish. Tolu and Joy emerged as the winners by virtue of their pulsating music. Sharon came second after portraying her singing proficiency and priscillia emerged third after her top notch singing performance.

It is palpable that the event was delectable.

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