Steve in his response made available to The Nigerialawyer (TNL) said he will not be pressing further on the issue due to the fact that he has retired from activism. Read below his response. Reply to Mr. Udemezue.. I came across your open letter to me, courtesy of TheNigeriaLawyer blog. I commend you for your candour and industry, despite the bitter tone thereof. It must have taken you a whole day to come up with that very lengthy epistle. When Mrs. Adegoke taught us LDC at Bwari, she warned us to always refrain from verbosity. She told us that we must unlearn the university notion of writing lengthy epistles in order to impress examiners. On his own part, Mr. Okorie who taught us Civil Procedure, charged us to always make our essays as captivating as a lady’s miniskirt; short enough to be attractive and long enough to cover the subject matter. I guess he was the one who invented that phrase. I wouldn’t know who taught you in your own time, neither would i know what you teach your students these days. As for telling me that the current NBA President is the acting Chairman of the CLE, i’m not quite sure as to the exact message you seek to put across. For your information sir, i would’ve joined Mazi Obioma Ezenwobodo et al in calling for Mr. Paul Usoro(SAN) to step aside but i personally do not recognize him as the NBA President and so i cannot be asking him to divest himself of what i do not recognize him as possessing. Recognizing him as the NBA President would come at the conclusion of the suit filed by Chief Arthur Obi Okafor SAN at the FCT High Court, if it goes in his favour. And so, my dear brother, calling on the NBA General-Secretary to request for clarifications, while sidestepping your Acting CLE Chairman was a deliberate act on my part and not an oversight as you erroneously assumed. In summary, it is a pity that your rejoinder came at a time when i had already retired from activism (may i humbly refer you to my latest facebook post titled “EPILOGUE”.) Assuming i wasn’t retired, i can assure you that i would mount pressure on the General-Secretary and other Bar elders & leaders to follow up on the request for clarifications. And if they turn a blind eye to it, i would’ve proceeded with a Freedom of Information action to compel the CLE-NLS to make a full disclosure of all the facts surrounding the exams and the results. Mind you that Section 1(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2011 specifically provides that in requesting for information, you need not even show any specific interest in the said information and the institution involved is under obligation to furnish you with the said information. But like i said, i have retired from activism. The ball is in the court of the NBA. If they like, they can seek for clarifications, if they like they can look the other way. I’m not interested. But thanks to my post, some comments have been quite helpful in solving the mystery. For instance, someone said that he has seen the question papers and that the questions were too cheap compared to previous years. Another person suggested that a circular by the NUC on grading was also to blame. But like i also said in my epilogue, sometimes an inferno may seem to have been caused by an accident, but when properly investigated by a self-respecting Insurance Company, it would turn out to be premeditated arson. So it’s very possible that there could be many revelations assuming an independent inquiry is conducted into this unprecedented mystery. But like i said, i don’t really care anymore. Thanks and God bless. Steve Sun.]]>

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