life of law student

Planning to join the most lucrative profession? Then you might be thinking how to go for it. Right here is a simple way for it, to take up law course.

If you are an argumentative nature then your career in law is the right choice for you. The legal profession has expanded from its black and white penguin robes to become one of the most lucrative professions.

According to experts, corporate counsel and intellectual property law are emerging, especially as companies are taking patenting and trademarks seriously. Below are few sentences which help you to know the importance and advantages of Law course :

Bachelors of Law : For students interested in making a legal career can directly start pursuing a law degree after completing of Class 12. It is called Bachelors of Legal science LLB. This is a popular course amongst young candidates and is offered by many colleges, including Government Law College.

Corporate Counsel : This is one of the most lucrative sections of the profession. A corporate counsel is hired by companies for legal services such as drafting, vetting, networking and negotiation contracts and resolving legal disputes, etc..

Litigation Law Firms : This is less glamorous but the true side of the profession. A litigation firm will accept cases and represent clients in courts. There are different firms specializing in various clients in courts. There are different firms specializing in various topics. It’s a challenge field and is good to begin, as it brings a lawyer name and fame.

Bank Officer : After 2 years of practice, one can opt for working in a bank. A written exam and an interview, is part of the filtering process. Company secretary in a corporate house to deal with company-related matters, teaching in a law college, or legal writing or law reporter are other careers you can opt for.

Social Work : A Lawyer can become a part of NGO and stand for social issues and causes. The pay packages are attractive but entry is usually difficult.

And Judicial Service : Practicing lawyers can pass the exams for subordinate judge.

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