Evans Ufeli

In my book- The Gathering of The Tribe I told a story of the semblance of our political space. The story is set in a Etua; an ancient Nubia settlement basking with the transcendental gamut of rural literature. It’s a lucid prose of the Nigerian political theatre storied in precision. The theme of the my literary work calls for a third force in our political telegraph. But no sooner had I started the story than the characters I created, had hijacked and made complex the possibilities of counting on the youths of that fictive world to lead the community – Anieze.

The renderings of that literally construct deepens the Nigerian political trajectory with its attendant leaning on a lethargic political culture. This is the story of Nigeria. The political future of the Nigerian state calls for critical evaluation. It’s becoming clearer by the day that the two major political parties in Nigeria – the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) has either the solution to the plight of Nigerians and do not want to do anything about it or they have no clue what to do and have decided to debase the masses and impoverished them in perpetuity. This is the tragedy of country with abundance of both natural and human resources.

The aforementioned paragraph is not just the sad story. The sad story is the Nigerian youth who with a population over over 64% have not thought is necessary to find a means to use the population demography for elective advantage. There are excuses for the failings and I don’t understand the tenable this will go except that there’s an ongoing Not-too-young-to-run bill which only shabbily lays too much emphasis on the constitutional age for young peoples’eligibility to contest election without addressing the important fact which underscores youth participation in politics in general.

The Nigerian youths are too busy struggling to survive. A large number of the youth force are consumed with entertainment and sport thereby paying little or no attention to politics. The youths allow the old and senile generation to determine their future.I think we must change our political organogram. In 2018 many countries of the world are devising and improving on strategies to empower their citizens with technology, science and innovations as a means of exchange in enhancing the fundamental objectives and the directive principles of state policies. We must do something about our own system.

In 2015 only about 15% of the total Nigerian population voted. This show how passive we have become politically. The said election produced Presiden Muhammadu Buhari who was voted on the bases of his party’s promise of change. The President who is over 70 years old has not delivered change. He may not deliver change because the indices to propel change is lacking in the formation of his strategic retinue. It’s therefore economically intolerable to allow Nigeria sink further in the line of the APC led government. Why the PDP is not a viable alternative opposition party is still a mystery to me. PDP – a party without political ideology cannot manage opposition. 3 years after their defeat they are still fight one another and still learning how to manage the space of opposition, little wonder they couldn’t achieve anything in the 16 years they led Nigeria while APC on the other hand are at lost with how to lead a country. The APC promised Nigeria they will be restructured the country once they assume leadership at the centre, after they won the election they appointed one of their governors to led an economic team to find out what restructuring means. This saddens us grievously.

We need a third force, the one we can trust. The odds are quite high but like in The Gathering of TheTribe we can begin the process now for 2019 election. We cannot afford to live like this anymore, something must change. We must also not hesitate to tell the ruling political party who brought the change mantra to leave the stage because it’s evident that they cannot help the situation. The APC is overwhelmed. The party cannot even rescue itself from itself let alone deliver the promises of democracy to Nigerians.

On the third force there are two issues for determination.

(1) It’s either we aggregate through a new political party or

(2) We use one of the major party to drive our course.

It’s simple, we need a vibrant,energetic and committed visionary who will lead the Nigerian State to reclaim her pride of place in Africa. We need the youth option to propel a new Nigeria. There’s no better time to ask for this than now, if Nigeria must change we must all agree on the terms of the change so we can collectively broker the synergy to make it a reality.

I believe in a viable ‘third force’ with the component of native geometry for the definition of a new Nigeria.

This new order is realistic. It doesn’t really matter any longer what the old blocs thinks about it or say, this is a dream whose time has come. Those who would rather wage war against this will have a rude awakening when providence commit to make this dream happen at all cost. As 2019 draws nearer I urge you to get your voters’ card ready because democracy is a government of inclusiveness. Democratic power is exercised in the number of people willing to cause a change, so let the youth come together in one voice to make a difference rather than being used for thuggery to distrupt the political atmosphere.

Let us join hands to build our nation.

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