Also, it seems President Buhari lacks the capacity to grasp fiery and aflame national issues. For those who are trying to play on the collective intelligence of Nigerians, saying that Mr. President’s bad outing last night was only about him not being gifted when it comes to oration, but the truth is; the problem was not about oration, it was about comprehension and articulation! On behalf of the entire upward-thinking citizens of our promising country, I hereby wittily excuse Mr. President from either additional debates or town-hall meetings, so as to avoid supplementary national discomfiture and mortification. The shame we are on a daily basis subjecting ourselves to as a nation is more than enough. Mr. President lost at home. What will now happen when he debates with candidates of other political parties? Last night’s unimpressive and mediocre outing of PMB noticeably shows why the APC has been preventing Buhari from coming live on national television stations to intellectually interact with Nigerians on burning and disturbing national issues. What Mr. President said on Ganduje last night would definitely be different if it was about another man from either another tribe or political party. Hear what PMB said about his own version of man of honor, Ganduje: “That clip, somebody brought it to me of how the Kano Governor was receiving dollars and smiling and putting it in his pocket. I don’t know the extent of technology used and I cannot answer now because the State Assembly has gone to court…As I have told you, I have seen the clip; I do not know how much technology was used, but can Ganduje fail to trust someone to take it to him? Does he have to take it himself? Honestly, I am overwhelmed… The system has given me some relief; it is in court. It is in the State Assembly, so let them as much as possible deal with it. This has received a lot of publicity and I hope by the time I visit Kano for my re-election campaign, there would be some answers from the courts and Assembly in Kano State.” As far as most Nigerians are concerned, it is the singular corruption case that has forever buried the anti-corruption war of PMB. The move that fights a few, cozily and snugly embraces many. For the umpteenth time, on Ganduje’s corruption allegation, Mr. President probably does not know that a court of competent jurisdiction has stopped the Kano State Assembly from any further investigation. You know he actually does not know virtually everything. Each time I advocate that “papa” Buhari should go and rest in Daura, many belly-driven folks—who want to use him to climb higher, the ladder of politics, wrongly think I do not like Mr. President. Kindly understand that I do not have the capacity to hate anyone. Buhari may have good intentions for wanting to govern Nigeria for four (4) more years, but the truth is; he does not have the required mental and corporeal capacity anymore to successfully lead a nation as Nigeria. Age is no longer on his side, though he tells us that he is still fit to lead our country to its pre-ordained destination, but what we daily see proves otherwise. Also, he does not understand the complexities that accompany leadership in the 21st century and obviously cannot lead (without being sectional) a multi-ethnic country like ours. Besides, the unpleasant gap between his outmoded way of leading and the 21st century inclined way of leading daily shows in the way Nigeria is being derisorily run. Once again, PMB may be a good man, but the truth is; being a good man alone cannot birth a great nation. His days of service are unmistakably over! On the inside of the hall last night, the APC party faithful may be seen clapping, but deep inside them—when they are found alone; they know they are just using Mr. President to further achieve their selfish political gains. It is without a doubt not about Nigeria! If they all are not part of the ruling party, the APC, they would be daily asking PMB to go hit the sack in Daura. The best time to leave the stage is when the ovation is the loudest. It is not too late for Buhari to step down for Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. Am I saying Osinbajo is superior to Mr. President? No! I am just saying that age is still on his side and has more capacity to grasp some national issues, and bowing out at this time will forever make your name to be written in gold. I do know it is un-African to do what I am asking him to do, but I am not frightened and terrified to tell Mr. President that it is the most honorable thing to do at this time in the life of our heavily challenged nation. Lastly, how can the Administration that touts—night and day as Goliath of this world—that it is fighting corruption be found romancing same like a newly betrothed wife? Babachir Lawal, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation was relieved of his job when PMB was away (he wouldn’t have been sacked if Buhari were at home), but today he is part of the preferred and special ones—campaigning for the second coming of Mr. President. Today, he has not been punished by any court of competent jurisdiction and he is yet to forfeit a “kobo” to the Federal Government as others are forfeiting theirs. One wonders how anti-corruption war can be so effective when it comes to some folks from other tribes and political parties, but suddenly becomes very ineffective when it comes to folks from the APC and northern part of Nigeria.]]>

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