Mark entered one of the rooms in the already abandoned building left for adjudication, stared at the hollow floor decorated with some broken tiles which gave the room its ugliness, and then, as one who discovered the perfect way to pass over River Jordan, he jumped like a frustrated frog and landed his confused self at the row of the bar left for learned cottons.

Jonathan Buzz who was no difference from Mark, shook his head seeing that an angelic aeroplane had landed the court room.

Indeed one must listen twice when people say men are called to the bar. It is no joke; some are called to the bar, while others are already bar men called to the bar. Jonathan Buzz understood what it meant for one to mistake a drop of water for the Red sea. But it’s unthinkable to cross the sea with a jump. That’s not for consideration at least. To him that is double spirited, there are four eyes to a face.

“Welcome counsel,” Jonathan Buzz greeted Mark.

He wasn’t expecting a response from the young man who had already turned the court room to a theatre of wonders.

“Good afternoon, Senior Bar man”, Mark replied as he settled his buttock on a dusty wood called the bar. Immediately, he raised his archaic shoes that wore his feet and rested them on the bar table.

“Young man,” a learned silk called out.

Photo Credit; Martin Beck Nworah; The Lazy Lawyer

He was yet to complete the composition of words, when a voice shouted “COURTTT”, to usher in the Bench. Mark had mistaken the voice to be the voice of a backup singer in his head. All this while, he had been rehearsing a legal song in his head. “After all, there is the right to freedom of singing,” he thought.

“Get those old pair of shoes from that table”, the judge shouted.

Mark felt the judge was talking to someone else. His shoes weren’t old to be referred as such.

“Am I speaking to a deaf man?,” the judge continued.

“This is unethical of a legal practitioner. What do you take this place for?”

“I am sorry my lady”, Mark replied as he belched before the male judge who was vexed at the site already.

“The first case in the cause list must be called, a manner less bar-man cannot be the hiatus to the court’s day”, the judge thought. The eructation, at least is not new except for the fact he was highly spirited. Here, I mean a man with a false courage; one cultivated from blue grapes in brown pots.

The judge immediately ordered a senior counsel who himself smelled of tobacco, to help Mark to the gallery, pending when the next line of action will be taken.

This is the kind of people Mr. President described as ‘Lazy’, he said, as he proceeded with the first matter in the cause list.

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