Over the course of 4 months, a minimum of 1000 lawyers and over 500 law students have been addressed on the need to understand the Business of Law to enhance productivity and profitability in Legal Practice. Strictly Law Biz has created and sourced for materials to aid better understanding of this subject. To access some of these materials, click here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-business-of-law-conference-tickets-54435731739 They have received tonnes of feedback, questions, enquiries from our audience from our different platforms. This feedback is a revelation that more is required on this subject, lawyers need to acquire business education, become business oriented and have a business-minded approach to Legal practice notwithstanding the profession’s aversion to commerce. With the disruptive economy, everyone is chasing relevance and sustenance, the easiest route to this is mastering business dynamics and playing it to your advantage even as a lawyer. Based on this the organsers are excited to bring to you this thrilling and impacting Conference with the THEME ” Mastering The Business Of Legal Profession” A Mechanism For Wealth Creation.” The Conference is scheduled to hold on January 29, 2019, in Lagos, Nigeria. The venue for the Conference will be communicated to registered participants only. The speakers for the events will be dealing on the topic: ” Incorporating Business Strategies Into Legal Practice Without Breaching Legal Practitioner’s Rules Of Professional Conduct. The sage speakers for the event are Mr. Isreal Aye, Mr. Marx Ikongbeh, Mrs Funmi Robert and Mrs. Chinyere Okorocha. “Join us as we go further with the conversation on the Business of Law.”]]>

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