This is even as the National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, described Buhari as sleeping President, adding that is why the economy and security are sleeping, and also why there is no employment. The Presidential candidate of PDP, Atiku Abubakar emphasised that the most important thing at the moment is to restructure the country so that Nigerians can be in charge of their resources, health and education. They spoke at the presidential campaign of PDP in Ondo state on Monday. Saraki said: “It is time for us to bring a President that will take Nigeria to the best and surest place to take the economy forward. And that is why we want us to vote for Atiku. “We want a President who is articulated, a President, who is digital, a President that has energy, a President that understands the work, a President that is competent and a President that will bring jobs for the youth.” Secondus on his part said: “You know why the economy has collapsed? You know why the security has collapsed? The President you have now, President Buhari has been sleeping. That is why there is no employment, the man sleeps every day. The economy is sleeping, the security is sleeping. “We don’t want that again to happen to Nigerians. The future of all of you is in the hand of God, not in the hand of Buhari. The destiny of all us is in the hand of God, and not in the hand of Buhari and APC. “They want to destroy all institutions, they started from the legislature, they have now gone to the judiciary to destroy, but God forbid, they cannot destroy it. We have a man with energy, the whole world is waiting for to come on board on the 29th of May, that will work for 24 hours so that he can provide employment, so that he can provide security for all, so that the economy can grow. Nigeria will get better, then the economy of this nation will get working again.” Atiku said: “The most important thing is to restructure this country so that you can be in charge of your resources, health, education.” Speaking on the security situation in the country, the former Vice President said, “in the past, we had insecurity in only one zone, North East. Today, we have insecurity in North West, North Central, we have elements of insecurity all over the country. “They promised to create jobs. Today, we have lost more than 10 million jobs. They stole your jobs. Do you want them to steal your votes? Because they are not talking to you. We are here, we are communicating with you, asking you what you want. They are not talking to you because they want to steal your votes after they have stolen your jobs. “Please, I want to beg of you. Don’t allow them to do what they did in Ekiti, Osun, Bauchi, Katsina, even in Ondo here, they stole votes. I appeal to you to go out and vote. After voting, make sure that your votes count.”]]>

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