Rita Dominic (centre) with other protesters carrying placards.

Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic and Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), have bared their minds on the rejection of the Gender Equality Bill by the senate with a peaceful protest in Alausa, Lagos, on Wednesday.

WIMBIZ, in a statement, stated that promoting the rights of women is promoting the progress of the future generation of Nigerians, adding that “we would like to categorically state our support for the Gender & Equal Opportunities Bill and reiterate that protecting the rights of women is critical to the long term viability of our nation and to ensure global competitiveness.

“These rights include: Eliminating all forms of discrimination in private, public and political life on the grounds of gender, age, marital status, socio economic status or disability; ensuring parity in educational enrolment and in the award of bursaries for girls and boys; ensuring fair, humane treatment of widows and protecting their rights to custody of their children, and equitable share of inheritance; protecting women, the elderly and those with disabilities from violence and discrimination.”

It stressed that “Let us all, as Nigerians, men and women, ensure the passage of this bill, to guarantee the future of Nigeria and the future of our children – male and female. Passing the bill represents Change! Change includes Women! Let us all support the elimination of all forms of Gender discrimination.”

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