It was a shocking affair as Nigerians woke up to the news that the long scheduled Presidential and National Assembly polls, that has been planned for almost 1460 days been postponed just few hours to it commencement.

The  social media went into a loud frenzy, one of the presidential candidate wife went online to weep for the country inadequacies condemning the commission action especially the way and manner its treat corps members who were mobilised as ad hoc staffs, she further urge Nigerians not to fret but should stand up and vote for a new Nigeria,

The major opposition candidate to the ruling party also stated that the postponement was a ploy by the Buhari administration to ensure that turnout of voters becomes very low on the rescheduled date in order to afford the APC government to rig the poll and that it is an obvious case of the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob just by instigating this postponement.    

To sum it all, there are two popular blame narratives, the first blame narrative is on the commission, and the proponent of this narrative will say, that the commission has bespattered the nation with a paint brush of shame by displaying great incompetence, and showing lack of compassion to the countless Nigerians who has spent money, commitment and risk their lives to travel to their designated locations just to vote and only for the elections to be postponed.

The second blame narrative is on the ruling party and the proponent of the second narrative will say that, it is nothing more than a political conspiracy to disenfranchise the Nigeria electorate in order to ensure there hidden agenda of rigging the election, or to discourage Nigerians from turning out to exercise their mandate against the ruling party.

Generally, we will all agree that the costs of this postponement are incalculable, so many personal and business engagements has been shifted to accommodate the elections, business were shutdown, schools curriculums were halted thereby affecting the general time tables, lost of lives and money from the masses who travelled to their various states to exercise their mandates, the billions of naira that various states and even the country as a whole will lose and most importantly, not forgetting the poor corp members who were left in a harsh and condemnable conditions during the time.

Someone may have to take the blame if we are to bring to an end what seems to be an unacceptable reoccurring decimal in this nation, the trend this time has gotten worst and affect the image of country negatively, the postponed election in 2011 and 2015 was not even as upsetting and critical as this one to start with, how do we expect the comity of states/nations to take us seriously if we cannot organise a simple affair as this timely and effectively.

Regardless of the challenges that INEC may be faced with, such as the burnt offices and the destructions of election materials… the money and time given to INEC to plan and execute a flawless election is more than enough to withstand even the gravest contingency let alone accommodating a logistic excuse, the result could only be that the commission lack the capacity to withstand it challenges. In any events that the election was to be postponed it should not have come on the D day as to warrantee such great loss for the nation, much so depressing was the fact that the INEC chairman gave a rather strong assurance and did not foresee a logistic issue just 3 days before the scheduled date in an interview where he was asked whether or not the election may ever be postponed.

The most epic and thought provoking reaction came for SAM ADEYEMI and he said…

..Election Postponed- I Am Surprised That We Are Surprised, I Have Defined What I Believed Is The Basic Problem Of The Country, The Construction Of The Average Nigeria, That Greedy One, That Very Selfish Character That Is In Love With Mediocrity, And Does Not Mind Sabotaging The Country Just To Gain Some Personal Advantage, So I Was Looking At The Inec Chairman And Looking At The Commissioners I Saw Beyond Them, To The Hundreds Of People Involved, To The Hundreds Of Companies Involved, To The Many That Would Have Inflated The Contracts, To The Ones That Would Have Shared A Good Chunk Of The Money And Even Lost The Right To Correct Anybody And Force Them To Do The Right Thing And I Was Looking Through The Whole Thing- I Saw Why-So If That Is The Problem Then What Is The Solution? Us!  That Whatever It Is You Have The Opportunity To Do, However Small It Is That You Do It Well. That Is The Starting Point…      

In conclusion, everyone has a share of the blame cake, but the biggest disappointment will manifest itself when Nigerians eligible voters failed to exercise their right to vote at the poll come next Saturday. Our mandate is our greatest weapon to shape Nigeria; we should not deprive our selves of this sacred right, it is not enough to vote, we should stay and defend our vote and in doing so we should shun and discourage all manner of violent and corrupt practices.

God bless Nigeria.

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