“There is no doubt that everybody recognises corruption as the bane of the Nigerian society. We all agree that corruption has killed government institutions at Federal, State, and Local levels. There is no dispute that our current trail is traceable to corruption and corrupt practices. “The quarrel of some Nigerians against the fight or non-fight against corruption by the current government, is the argument that the government itself is a product of corruption and corrupt practices. The argument here is that most people who supported the present government to come to power are corrupt. While I see some merits in these arguments, no one can deny the fact that some persons who are currently facing corrupt charges or corruption cases are saints or are being politically witch-hunted. The truth remains, there is corruption everywhere in Nigeria; on the streets you see corruption. “While Nigerian citizens see corruption everywhere, the same Nigerians are not in agreement on how to fight it and eradicate it from our private and public life. Those who have sworn to fight and eradicate corruption, engage in it as a profitable venture. They encourage the youths and old ones alike to do it for them. The followers also encourage corruption and corrupt practices. “It appears to me that the resources we have, have aided and abetted us to be corrupt. Despite the volumes of stealing and looting of our commonwealth, Nigeria has not collapsed and it is not likely to collapse. “To effectively fight corruption, therefore, this government and any other government in Nigeria must go outside of political sycophants and recruit credible Nigerians of patriotic and nationalistic hearts to fight corruption. “To ensure corruption is eradicated we must declare a state of emergency against it and fight it without fear, favour, affection or ill will. “We must introduce laws that are targeted at uncovering unexplained wealth. We have resources that can turn Nigeria into a first-class economic world power. There are many Nigerians outside of political parties who can assist. “We must also make our political offices less lucrative. The humongous allowances being paid to our political office holders must stopped. Let all political office holders be on minimum wage and no one should get extravagant favour in terms of allowances in whatever name called. We have been spending our resources on those in power at the expense of the vast majority of our people. We cannot build infrastructures if we continue this way. We lack maintenance culture. We must see government property as our property and thus protect them. “We must insist on strict application of the rule of law and due process. The chaotic nature of our life must be addressed. We have turned this nation into what it is by our collective unpatriotic attitude as a people. “As we enter the New year in less than a week from now, it is time to take drastic measures to end or eradicate corruption. The way to do it is by collective resolve to fight the monster with evangelical commitments without exceptions.]]>

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