Cattle rearing by members of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria and their prominent known and unknown sponsors is their private business. In fact, they do not even have records or history of tax payments from proceeds of their cow sales.

Cow is not an essential commodity. In fact, doctors will readily warn you that red meat is dangerous to health.

Cow is not a staple food item or commodity. Cow meat consumption is not as essential or as indispensable as cassava, rice or beans in our daily menu.

The last time I checked, no government in Nigeria offered free land, money, fertiliser and other cost of machinery and infrastructure to the farmers, who produce cassava, rice and beans, so what is all this noise about the Buhari government proving incentives to cattle rearers who are on a private business?

Thus, it is cruel, wicked, fraudulent, malicious and smirks of satanic double standards for anyone to even conceive the idea of creating free and public funded cow colonies for cattle rearers. It is a most inchoate proposal.

Every God-fearing, non-human fearing, honest, and progressive Nigerian of good conscience must rise up to resist the callous attempt to force us through genocide and blood letting to accept this proposal. No way

In fact, two key issues amongst others that must be on the ballot paper in 2019, should border on restructuring of Nigeria and resistance to this cow colony antics of President Muhammadu Buhari and some of the cowardly governors, who cannot look him in the eye and tell him to jump.

We must interrogate all those who want to occupy political offices in 2019. A Yes to total restructuring and capital No to cow colonies gets our votes.

God help us.

Nnaemeka Obiaraeri,

Ikoyi, Lagos State

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