Chief Mike Ahamba

Chief Mike Ahamba in this interview with DOOSUUR IWAMBE said in as much as the law permits the existence of group, no group has the authority to disrupt social order. Excerpts:

What is your position on the existence of groups/as­sociations in the country?

Any group can be in existence so long as the in­tention of the activities is not criminal and no group has the authority to disrupt social order whether lawful or unlawful group; no group is allowed to dis­rupt social order. If that happens, the agencies in­volved have every right to stand up against it.

What is your view on the clash between the Army and members of the Shiite group?

If it is true that a group of some individuals no matter what they call themselves stood in the way of our military with the Chief of Army Staff pres­ent and refused its convoy movement, I would have been ashamed of them if they didn’t get across, that is my position.

Are you saying that the Army acted rightly by attack­ing the Shiite members?

I said that if the allegation is correct, it is good that they created a passage for the Chief of Army Staff because no group of people can stand up against Nigeria and possibly stop its movement; such act is an insult to the whole nation, so for me they have the right to take any step to have their right of way.

What is your reaction to the call by the Amnesty Inter­national for probe into the matter?

I have said this before, the Amnesty International, their matters concerning Nigeria are not fair at all. They always make their statement without finding out facts and they condemned one side only at all times. I don’t know which country the person speaking comes from but I want to tell you that no army in the world will tolerate the obstruction of its lawful movement within the territory of that nation. And anybody do­ing it is participating in the act of “ bravado” and that is very dangerous.

So Amnesty International should not see them­selves as people who are there to indict anything without finding out the facts, they are not being fair to Nigeria in every ramifications. They even con­demned Nigerian Army against Boko Haram without condemning Boko Haram.

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