Mike Ozekhome SAN

Fellow country men,women and youth,tomorrow,Saturday,16th February,2019,marks a watershed in Nigeria’s political history.It constitutes a divine date with our individual and collective destinies.It is the day when we shall decide whether to be consigned to perpetual bondage,servitude and slavery,hate,devisiveness,clannishness,cronysm,nepotism and directionlessness;or to seek our inalienable God-given freedom,liberties,unity,peace,tranquillity and egalitarianism.

Your vote is crucial for this epic battle of survival between cabalistic forces of darkness that haemorragingly hold the country down by the jogular,and the progressive and inclusive forces of light that seek to oxiginate a receding country in the asphixiating throes of death.Let me exhort u with some useful quotations of why it is crucial that you must vote tomorrow.George Carlin once famously said,”if you don’t vote,you lose the right to complain”.Former American president,John Fitzgerald Kennedy,captured it when he counselled that “the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”.To Thomas Jefferson,one of the heroes of American history,”we do not have government by the majority.

We have government by the majority who participate”.This is because “every election is determined by the people who show up”(Larry Sabato).Let me fire you more as to why you must vote tomorrow.Know it that “bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote”.This therefore means that according to the law of Karma,it is what you sow that you reap.You cannot sow maize and hope to reap groundnut at harvest time.Nor can you refuse to plant yam seedlings at the beginning of the planting season and suddenly go the farm to harvest tubers of yam at harvest time.

The Nigerian bleeding faultlines that have always been there since her forcible union by Lord Luggard on January 1,1914,through the amalgamation of Southern and Northern Protectorates,are wider today than ever before.Mutual suspicion,hate speech and raw hatred dominate the clime.Brazen irredentism,ethnical and religious expansionism appear to be the order of the day.Nigeria has been reduced to a grisly and horrific theatre of blood and mind-bungling slaughter odeon through unchecked herdsmen invasions and attacks.

The cries for restructuring have been forced to dry on government brick walls erected against the people.The tail now wags the dog as government (the servant under section 14 of the 1999 Constitution) has become the master.The Buhari government tells us it is fighting corruption.Yet,the latest Transparency Internactional (TI) Corruption Index rating shows Nigeria to be the 18th most corrupt nation in Africa and the 19th in Sub-Saharan Africa.It is the most corrupt nation in the West African sub-region.We are continuously told that corruption is the brainchild of the PDP,which the ruling APC argues tirelessly,like a stuck record,ruined the country.But,the last time I checked,I discovered that the prime movers and first-eleven personalities in APC today were the same people in the PDP that allegedly “ruined” Nigeria.22 of the 24 APC’s governors today were PDP members that ruled for 14 whopping years as Governors before the formation of still inchoate APC.

They are cruising home with another 4 years after seizing power under APC nearly 4 years ago.Right now,20 former governors of the PDP have since nested in the APC of today.But they do not appear in the radar of Buhari’s “corruption fight”,because like Naaman the leper who dipped himself into River Jordan seven times and became cleansed of his leprosy (like a little child),on the wise counsel of prophet Elisha,all these defecting governors by their singular act of such decampment have suddenly become cleansed of their political leprosy.They were immediately embraced and inducted into the APC sacred pantheon of heroes where they campaigned for Buhari across Nigeria on the same podium.As at today,3 out of the 5 former Speakers of the House of Representatives under PDP are bedraggled in the APC,which also conveniently harbours 2 former Chairmen of the PDP.

Hundreds of former PDP ministers,Senators,House of Representatives members,state legislators,Commissioners,Councillors,Heads and members of MDAs are those in APC today,and they are obscenely and oxymoronically mouthing “PDP ruined Nigeria for 16 years”.These APC Czars are the same people who “looted” our resources and common patrimony.APC and Buhari fight “corruption” within its inner and government circles with sweet smelling sasarabia perfume,whilst fighting the same corruption amongst opposition and critical dissenting voices with insecticides,herbicides and pesticides.

We,the Nigerian people are not so stupid and idiotic as to suffer collective amnesia.Nigeria,which by 2014,was rebased $500 billion by the World Bank and IMF as the biggest economy in Africa,having overtaken South Africa,and one of the fastest growing economies in the world,has today become the poverty capital of the world,having overtaken India.We are not so naive not to know that the naira exchanged for 180-N195 naira to the dollar 4 years ago,but is today exchanging for N365;that a bag of rice which sold for N7,500 in 2014 is today selling for between N15000 and N25000;that pms(,fuel) sold for N86 per litre in 2014,but sells officially for N145 today.

We can not easily forget that the security situation in Nigeria in 2014 was such that only 3 states,mostly in the North East,suffered Boko Haram insurgency,but that as at today,INEC has just informed us that 15 states across Nigeria suffer Boko Haram and other forms of deadly insurgency, including kidnapping,arned robbery and other terrorist activities.

We can not easily forget that violation of human rights,rule of law and due process,and lack of obedience to court orders,whose observance were taken for granted in 2014,have since become the order of the day.Where is Col Sabo Dasuki today? In Buhari’s government gulag inspite of 6 court orders for his release,including that of Ecowas,the sub-regional court.Where are Islanic cleric,Sheik El-Zakzaky and his wife whose over 300 shiite members were cruelly slaughtered in cold blood? Still cocooned away in government confines inspite of many court orders for their release.The government in a manner worse than a fascist and absolutist junta has elevated itself as a super Supreme Court over designated designated courts of law.

Where is leading human rights Activist and social critic,Deji Adeyanju,whom I have been defending probono? Still quarantined off in a hot Kano prison on the “holden charge” orders of a magistrate that has no jurisdiction,over trumped up charges of attempted culpable homicide,charges on which he was discharged and acqitted over 10 years ago.The judiciary has been brazenly assaulted and intimidated,Judges and Justices cowed,denigrated and humiliated.The legislature has been emasculated,with its leadership and leading lights harassed,detained and tried on trumped up charges.The doctrine of separation of powers so ably propounded by the great French Philosopher,Baron de Montesque in 1748,has been bestially desecrated.Prof A V. Dicey’s concept of the rule of law has been brutally swept under the dirty mat by APC’s selectively imperious broom.

The Constitution,our birth certificate,has been ingloriously subverted and democracy endangered.Well horned lies,propaganda and opaqueness in governance have been elevated to the dizzying heights of the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy.Never before in Nigeria’s fractured history have we beholden such crass opportunism,prebendalism,cluelessness and incapacity of government;or such hopelessness,haplessness,poverty,pains,pangs,tears,blood,sorrow and anguish of beleaguered Nigerian people.Life has become cheap,so cheap that children now leisurely gather around corpses of slaughtered citizens as if viewing a film in a cinema house.They are sometimes caught laughing hilariously.

Has anyone since noticed that chilling killings by Miyetti Allah’s herdsmen have suddenly curiously gone down to near zero since the campaigns for Buhari’s re-election commenced? Where are the abducted Chibok and Dapchi girls and Leah Sharibu who are still held in captivity,even after government paid for their release,unexplained humongous ransome sums in various foreign currency? This was a step that actually armedthe Boko Haram insurgents morally,materially,psychologically and physically more than anything else? Why is Buhari consistently subjugating to his own Fulani tribe,the other 374 ethnic groups of Nigeria (Otite Onigu),or 480 ethnic groups (M Onwuejeogwu),that speak about 520 ethnic languages out of which 9 have since become extinct? Some ethnic nationalities have been turned into mere drawers of water and hewers of wood,whilst others have been elevated to lords of the manor and imperial masters.

The entire security apparachik and architecture of Nigeria today is over 95% dominated by Buhari’s ethnic and religious groups in such an ugly way that they can sit and decide Nigeria’s security fate,speaking only the Hausa language.Why is Nigeria so polarised today along ethnic,religious,linguistic,gender, class and tribal lines than ever before? The overwhelming majority of the youths who labour day and night to eke out a living are termed ” lazy youth” by Buhari.The Almajaris who had been given some breather by the Goodluck Jonathan government to uplift presences from poverty and ignorance through the building of Almajari schools,have since been brought back to their despicable and unspeakable state of nadir and doldrums,so that they can continue to “rankadede” their oppressor masters whose children are all in the best ivory leagues across the world.

We certainly have an option to get out of Phaero’s suffocating prison in Egypt.The Israelites did so against all odds.We must free Nigeria and Nigerians from the iron grip of a very powerful,but tiny cabal that Aishat Buhari,the president’s own wife,says are just two to three persons.These shadowing unelected characters are shamelessly exploiting a weak and unwell president,whom we have all seen during the campaigns as pitifully lacking the presence of mind and knowledge of his environment.We must help him,by saving him from the excruciating grip of this obsequious tiny selfish clique.We have to help him by retiring him to his well deserved rest in Daura,having exhausted his optimum governance capacity.

The only way to do this is by voting him out tomorrow.To do this,you must cast your vote for his leading opponent,Waziri Atiku Abubakar.Although other younger presidential candidates are equally intellectually fit as Atiku for the position of president,my honest view,based on present realities,is that they do not for now possess the national spread,political structures,cult followership and deep pockets as Atiku,to successfully prosecute their presidential ambition and win the tough race.

Therefore,fellow countrymen,go out there enmasse tomrrow and vote for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as our next president Even though he will not be able to commandeer a utopian Eldorado through abracadabra magic,he is surely miles ahead of president Buhari in terms of pan-Nigerianess,energy,vision,industry,intelligence,competence,national reach,inclusiveness and detribalised posture.Nigerians,free yourselves from the big prison Nigeria has been turned into.Tomorrow is the D-Day.Seize your future now.Control your destiny now.May God bless you all and grant Nigeria peace,prosperity and freedom during and after tomorrow’s presidential and NASS elections.Good luck.

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