INTRODUCTION The Vice Presidential debate has come and gone. I watched it very keenly. VP Yemi Osibanjo spoke to Nigerians. Peter Obi spoke with Nigerians. That was the clear difference. Osibanjo was tentative and cautious. Obi was categorical and definitive. Osibanjo reached Nigerians’ brains. Obi touched their hearts. Osibanjo was theoretical. Obi was practical. Osibanjo struggled with figures.  Obi gave them out effortlessly. Osibanjo is no doubt a brilliant lawyer and Academician, doing better than PMB whenever PMB travelled abroad. But, Obi came out more like a seasoned Administrator, trusted Economist and Financial manager. Let us see more. PETER OBI: “Our country today has the highest number of out of school children in the world “Our inequality has worsened, our misery index has worsened. Currently, it is more expensive to bring out goods from Apapa port than it is to bring in goods from Europe. We have lots of security issues today because we are currently unable to create jobs which other countries have created effortlessly. Today we are virtually at a lever where our debt is unsustainable. In 2015 we generated $41bn in Foreign Direct Investment, but now, we attracted only $12bn last year. Even our stock market has lost over N2trillion in one year. You can’t shut down your shop and be chasing criminals. Currently, we have a government that is doing what it is not supposed to do. The job of Government is supervision and to create an enabling environment for investment to thrive.The more you invest in education, the better your economy. I have known this even as Governor of a State where I took the state from number 28 to number 1 in education….” NIGERIANS REACT TO THE DEBATE You own a Superman where goods always get missing from the shelves daily Solution: PDP: Peter Obi: *install modern security gadgets *Retrain staff, *Tag each product with microchips *Increase sales APC: Prof Osinbajo: *Lock your shop, *Sit outside with machete, *Chase away any suspicious looking person *Die of Hunger By Jimmy Abia

  1. “You can’t close your shop and be chasing criminals”. By Peter Obi
Will they ask Buharithese question during the presidential debate” it will be interesting to hear his responses. By Joe Attueyi
  1. If you allow the criminals to loot your entire inventory, soon you will find you have no shop to close in the first place – By Osinbajo
Nigeria, do you want more of the 4 years … freedom from the 2 man cabal- By Kadijat ANN. So Osinbajo is actually in charge of debt management in Nigeria and we are now at 22trillion. He has been sharing the money. By Promise. Are you watching this…Debate.Facts, facts and statistics from Peter Obi. Leave sentiments Peter Obi is way sound. By Promise
  1. I smell foul play. I learnt Obi had the question leaked to him before hand. Or how do you explain him having correlating statistics and facts to back answers to each and every question and he finishes before time?
Sound Sound Sound. By Revo Baba
  1. Okay based on the Perceived questions leak, this may be why Buhari is refusing to debate with Atiku. The questions have been leaked to Atiku. Paddling to my Creeks, where questions are not leaked. By Ankio Briggs.
  2. This is Peter Obi’s turf. If you have it, you have it. You can’t give what you don’t have even if they give you the expo. We have to seek constitutional amendment to change the nomenclature of the office from Vice President to “Vice Peter”. By Paul Ibe.
Much ado about nothing. It’s not easy beating a SAN at this game, o cos he argues a tall order defending an indefensible … you just end up playing with words. By Promise Worse still, the thief they said stole in the last shop… and leave the one who steals your shop in your presence. By Steve Oluyide. Osinabnjo !!! Proud of my man!! Any day, any time. Eze goes to school. By Tonye T. J. T Princewill. Hope they repeat it. I forgot to record it. By Tonye T. J. T Princewill. This is one for the archives. By Tonye T. J. TPrincewill. NOW THIS 2019 DEBATE: PETER OBI ON OIL SUBSIDY ISSUES We are subsidizing inefficiencies. If you do the right things prices of petroleum will come down. How can you budget N340billion for health which amounts to N5 for every Nigerian yearly, and you are paying over N8trillion on subsidy? What are you actually subsidizing? – Peter Obi (2018) Me: God bless you Peter Obi. Osinbajo is defending SCANDALOUS subsidy payment that his principal, Muhammadu Buhari once called SCAM? Gentlemen, in 2012, the man who saw tomorrow, former President Goodluck Jonathan removed oil subsidy. Osinbajo and his party men led protests that Shut down the economy for over 2weeks. Today, we are back to square one paying trillions of naira on subsidies, yet petrol pump price is on the high side of N145/litre unlike the N87/litre in 2015. Gentlemen, SUBSIDY must go. Let the market forces compete fiercely like the telecommunications sector in 1999 till date. If Nigerians do not buy petrol less than N40/litre, call me BASKAD. By Promise. “You can’t lock up your shop to chases criminals” – Peter Obi. “Once you are not a foolish person and a possible collaborator in the criminality, you don’t even need to chase the criminals by yourself, whether with your shop closed or opened. What you do, is empower the police, EFCC, ICPC and Co. and allow or leave them to man the shop and chase the criminals away, while you continue to do your legitimate business. That is if it is legitimate, anyway… But, to leave your shop opened, while chasing the criminals, you might get backs after the exercise and discover your entire shop and its content are gone! If you continue to allow the criminals in your chop to loot or steal all the inventories, then you lose shop – Prof Yemi Osinbajo. What Peter Obi is impliedly telling Nigerians, therefore is that, if PDP eventually comes back to power, the party still does not have the plans and intention to chase the criminals and won’t bother, as usual, to empower the security to man the shop, so that the business of corruption and criminality they perpetrated in power can continue to open. # BuhariOsinbajoMyNextVote OlukayodeSalako, Buhari/Osinbajo Mandate Group Campaign Organisation Always proud of PYO. By Lateef Ibirogba  AND THIS #FACTCHECKED. NIGERIA HAS OVER 11M VEHICLES AND NOT 2M By. Toney T.J.T Princewill That’s the total population. They can’t all be on d roads always, everyday By Promise. And you are paying 1Trillion NAIRA subsidsing petrol every year for 11 million vehicles? Authority stealing. Who is subsidizing whom (in Buhari’s voice). By Joe Attueyi Truth is that the so called Buhari subsidy is a scam tailored to subside inefficiency and cabalism. By Paul Ibe. Someone who is in business is different from a pastor coming from the classroom. By PKA I wish the VP debate is strictly between Prof and Peter Obi, the rest should have sat at home to watch Zee world or Telemundo. (To be concluded next week). THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK “In all intellectual debates, both sides tend to be correct in what they affirm, and wrong in what they deny.” (John Stuart Mill). LAST LINE Nigerians, please continue to engage me in the national conversation, whilst awaiting explosive topics of Sunday Sermon on the Mount of the Nigerian Project by Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR, FCIArb., Ph.D, LL.D.]]>

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