On a Guide sighted by TNL, the Augustine Nnamani Campus of the institution had outlined a step by step medical procedure on how persons bitten by snakes will be treated. The guide is perceived to have been released following cases of students seeing the reptile in the school premises. A source who spoke with TNL complained that the Campus was periodically fumigated before this time, but the situation seems to be now bad. Below is the Guide released by the Medical Centre: 1. Carry patient to hospital/bed. Do not allow him to walk on his/her own. 2. Call for help from other staff (whether on duty or not irrespective of cadre) Keep patient calm in a well ventilated place. 3. Set Up intravenous line (s) immediately. Commence on Normal saline infusion slowly. 4. Give intravenous Hydrocortisone injection (100 mg). 5. Get the following Handy: a. Adrenaline injections. b. Chlorpheniramine injection. c. Atropine Injection. d. Saibutamol Nerbulisation. 6. Reconstitute Anti-Snake Venom Vital with Supplied 10 ml water for injection. 7. Give ASV intravenously as follows: a. Slow intravenous infusion 1-2ml/minute. b. Continuous intravenous infusion (5-10ml/kg body weight) of normal saline (N/5) or Dextrose on water (W/W). c. Dosage: Sign of mild envenomation (localized) — 5 vials. Sign of moderate envenomation —– 10 vials. Sign of severe envenomation ——- 15 vials. 8. Treatment of reaction to Anti-Snake venom: a. Stop ASV infusion. b. Give 1: 1000 Adrenalines intramuscularly. c. Give 100 mg Hydrocortisone 100mg intravenously. d. Nesostigmine 0.5 mg intramuscularly half hourly. e. 0.6mg Atropine IV in infusion over 8 hours. 10. Keep the need for referral uppermost in mind. 11. Warning: Do not slice open the bite/suck the bite site/tie tourniquet above bite site. ]]>

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