African Union Commission

The African Union Commission is pleased to announce to the general public that following the deadline of submission, it has received the candidature of some persons to the election of judges to the African Court of Human And People’s Right (AfCHPR) scheduled to take place in Nouakchott. Mauritania in June 2018., by member States that have ratified the protocol establishing the Court.

The following candidatures in alphabetical order have been received from States Parties to the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Establishment of an African Court:

1 ABOUD Imanl F Tanzania Eastern
2 ANUKAM Stella Islbhakhomen F Nigeria Westem
3 EGUE·ADOTE Eliane Berthe F Benin Western
4 KEtTA DIAKITE Saran F Mali Western
5 KIOKO Ben’ M Kenya Eastern
6 MANIRAKIZA Pacifique M Burundi Central
7 SALLA·WADDA Nacee»y F Gambia Westem
8 SANOU TOURE Fabmata F Burkina Faso Western
9 SSALI Lydia N Mugambe F Uganda Eastern
10 TCHIKAYA Blaise M Congo Central


Seeking re-election

Furthermore. the Commission would like to remind all Member Slates of decision EX.CLI907 (XXVIII) adopted by the Executive Council during the January 2016 Summit on the Modalities on Implementation of Criteria for Equitable Geographical and Gender Representation in the African Union Organs. Paragraph 2 of the said Decision provides as follows:

i) The regional represenlabon. where applICable. shaD be East (2).
Central (2). North (2). South (2) and West (2). except in cases in which a region which has been duly informed has not presented candidates;

ii) Where applicable. one (1) seat shall be a Hoating seat and will rotate
among the five (5) regions;

iii) At least one (1) member from each region should be a woman;

iv) The modalities shall become effective immediately.

In light of the above. the Commission would like to inform the Permanent Missions that the regional and gender representation at the AfCHPR after the end of the terms of the three (3) Judges and the resignation of one (1) Judge. will be as follows;

a) Regional representation
Central : One (1) (1 female)
East : One (1)(1 female)
North : Two (2) (1 female and 1 male)
South : Two (2) (1 female and 1 male)
West : One (1) (1 male)

b) Gender representation
Female Judge : Four (4)
Male Judges : Three (3)

To: Permanent Missions of all Member Slates to the African Union Addis Ababa

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