The recently concluded NBA election reminds me of a Presidential election conducted in USA many years where if my memory has not failed me Mr. Bush,the Senior having been defeated by Mr. Clinton, said the “American people have spoken”.

Although the NBA election is without controversy,but majority of those that ran in the election have displayed the spirit of sportsmanship by accepting the verdict. While Arthur Obi Okafor SAN said he withdrew from the election and called for post election audit of the exercise won by Paul Usoro, SAN,Ernest Ojukwu,SAN on his part asserted that:

“Though a winner has emerged from this present contest,remember we contested against corruption, massive vote buying, vote capture,rigging and a skewed process.

These reasons make a challenge of the result important but because of my long and selfless commitment to regenerating the Bar,and the need not create tension in our legal profession,I shall not contest it”

To me, if all these allegations are true and real,it means as far as credible electioneering in NBA is concerned, the “beautiful ones are not yet born”, apology to the Ghanian novelist ,Kwesi Ayi Amah .

Although there may not perfect democracy but things must not be done in such a way that some would not have the impression of being cheated in the scheme of things.

By the available record, out of the number of voters put at 16,115,only 12,484 voted while 3631 could not vote.In the said election the contestants stand as follows:

Positions Candidates Vote Cast Winner
Presidency Paul Usoro 4509 Winner
Presidency Arthur Obi Okafor 4423
Presidency Ernest Ojukwu 3313
First Vice President  MO Stanley Chidozie 6188 Winner
Second Vice President  Dada Foluke Olayemi 4242 Winner
Second Vice President  Aikpoko-Marrins 2819
Second Vice President  Akande Oludare 465
Second Vice President  Oji Benedict Nwosa 1634
Third Vice President  Igba Theophilus Terhile 6020 Winner
General Secretary 2237
General Secretary  Balogun Rafiu Oyeyemi 1630
General Secretary  Taidi Jonathan Gunu 3574 Winner
General Secretary  Mobolaji Ojibara Idris 1993
First Assistant Secretary  Ewenode William Onoriode 4724 Winner
First Assistant Secretary  Ogunrinde Yusuf Olatunji 3545
Second Assistant Secretary  Naandeti Anas 1367
Second Assistant Secretary  Obasi Chinyere Gladys  7142 Winner
Treasurer  Agada Mercy Ijato 3006
Treasurer  Chukwuma-Okafor Obianuju Mary 1959
Treasurer  Olagbegi-Oloba Victoria Banke 4204 Winner
Welfare Secretary  Anyia Sabastine Ubua 3313
Welfare Secretary  Usman Joshua Enemali 5474 Winner
Financial Secretary  Elias Emeka Anosike 5758 Winner
Financial Secretary  Dorcas Nnennaya Ngwu  2806
Assistant Financial Secretary  Marian Nneka Jones  2454
Assistant Financial Secretary  Iniobong Irene Pepple  4294 Winner
Assistant Financial Secretary  Ogoke SamuelChikaodinaka


Assistant Financial Secretary  Iloghalu Obiora Bede Izuazi  936
Publicity Secretary  Williams Ekpo  Anwan  3322
Publicity Secretary  Olukunle Edun  5433 Winner
1st Assistant Secretary Yusuff Olatunji Ogunrinde 3545
1st Assistant Secretary Ewenode Onoriode Williams  4724 Winner
2nd Assistant Secretary  Obasi Gladys Chinyere 1367
2nd Assistant Secretary  Anas Naandeti 7142 Winner
Assistant Publicity Secretary  Akorede Habeeb Lawal  7310 Winner
Legal Adviser  Eze Nnamdi Innocent 4368 Winner
Legal Adviser Farounbi Olayinka Oyeniyi  4340

With this verdict,all the contestants have done very well.I congratulate them all. In NBA politics, if you don’t win today,you may win tomorrow .

If you don’t believe me , please ask people like Messr AB Mahmoud ,Martins Ogunleye, Dele Oloke and Bayo Akinlade just to mention few ,that how many time did they run?They had all one time or other gone the way of Abraham Lincoln and PMB.For those that lost out ,2020 or other election year is around the corner.

By this I am not discouraging those who may want to ventilate their grievance in the court of law,but the reality on the ground is that those lawyers that will defend your opponents may be very good at filing preliminary objections to buy time.

There is no doubt that the NBA as it stands today is seriously in need of surgical REVOLUTION.

With the trains of promises that went with the electioneering campaign, the question we should be asking Paul Usoro,SAN and his new team now is: Will they take us to the promised land?

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