The NBA president , A.B. Mahmoud SAN at the NBA National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held on the 10th day of May, 2018 at Kano, has raised and discussed many pressing issues affecting the association, the judiciary and the nation at large. The issues raised by the number one bar man range from the massacre of innocent citizens in the country, the NBA forthcoming election, the constitutionality of the president’s exercise of discretion over the recommendation of judges of the Court of Appeal by the National Judicial Council and so on. The President of the NBA, A.B. Mahmoud SAN, in his inaugural speech condemned the Nigerian Police officers who are dehumanizing lawyers in the course of carrying out their official duties of defending Nigerians accused of committing crime by the police. He warned that the continuous harassment of lawyers by the police in the course of their professional duties will no longer be tolerated. He mentioned that these complaints are coming from various branches like Onitsha, Ikeja, Abuja and others. He however admonished lawyers to pursue their duties legitimately and in accordance with the laws of the land. On the continuous killing of innocent citizens threatening the peace of the nation, the NBA President advised the Federal Government to take proactive measures in addressing the menace. According to him, proactive measures should be taken rather than reactive measures after the occurrence of the criminal acts. The President further spoke about the expected appointments of some judges of the appeal court and the delay occasioned by reason of the president’s will to exercise discretion over the issue. “More than six months after the recommendations by the National Judicial Council for appointment of 13 Justices of the Court of Appeal in November 2017, the President is yet to act on these recommendations. “Similarly, several recommendations for appointments to the Bench of the FHC and other Federal courts are still pending many months after these recommendations to the President. “Acting on the recommendations of the NJC is not a matter of presidential discretion, to be exercised whenever the President deems fit. It is a constitutional duty,” he said. Speaking on the NBA forthcoming election, he declared that he has no canditate gaining his support. He therefore urged members of the NBA not to believe the rumour making the round that he has a candidate he is supporting.]]>

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