Recall that the at Branch held earlier in 2017 constituted a Standing 5 man Electoral Committee in line with the NBA Constitution.

Recall also that at the Branch meeting held on the 20th of April, 2018 at the Merit House, Maitama, Abuja, Mr. Isidore Udenko was elected as Chairman of Electoral committee with the following as members Mr. E. Yagi, Mrs. Amaechi Dike, Osaretin Uwangoe while Lawrence Onukwuba serves as Secretary.


In line with Article 6 (2) of the Uniform Bye-Laws, third Schedule to the NBA Constitution, 2015 they are to conduct elections into the following Branch offices:

Vice – Chairman
Assistant Secretary
Financial Secretary
Social Secretary
Publicity Secretary
Welfare Secretary
Legal Adviser


To be eligible to stand for election into an office, a member must:
Be validly nominated in writing by two members who are eligible to vote herein and who must themselves be qualified for the particular office as provided for in the bye-laws in accordance with Article 16 (1) of the Bye-Laws, Third Schedule to the NBA Constitution, 2015;

Have attained the post-enrolment qualification requirement for the affected office as at the date of the election as follows:

Chairman and Vice Chairman ——– 10 years.
Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Social Secretary, publicity Secretary, Welfare Secretary, Legal Adviser and Provost ———- Eight (8) years.
Assistant Secretary ——————- five (5) years

Be a financial member of the Branch and shall have paid his/her bar practicing fees and annual branch dues as and when due for at least the three (3) years preceding the election or since enrolment, if less than three (3) years post- call and must be in legal practice.

The Branch at its monthly general meeting held on the 11th of May, 2018 resolved to review the requirement for eligibility as contained in Article 15 (2) of the Bye – Laws which provides for the attendance of a minimum of Five (5) monthly meetings of the Branch within the Twelve (12) months prior to the close of nominations for the election. The meeting resolved for a minimum of one attending with the 12 months prior to the election.


1. Pursuant to Article 15 (8), a Candidate/Aspirant shall be disqualified from
being voted for at the election if the said candidate or his/her supporters publishes, prints or distributes any campaign material, gift and any form of souvenir whatsoever;
2. No member of the Branch shall occupy the same office for more than two (2) years (one term) and any member who has held elective offices as a Branch officer for two (2) terms shall not be eligible to contest for a Branch office until at least five (5) years after his/her last term of office in accordance with Article 6 (3) of the Bye -Laws of the NBA Constitution, 2015;
3. If there is any evidence from receipts for payment of Bar Practicing fees and the Branch dues disclosing that same was not paid as and when due;
4. If either of the two (2) nominators is not qualified as a candidate or has any element that vitiates his qualification as a candidate;
5. If he/she or either of his nominators did not meet the post-enrolment requirements for the office being sought.


The 2018 NBA Abuja Unity Branch Elections shall hold on the 11th June 2018. Accordingly, nomination of candidates shall commence on the 11th May 2018 and end on the 12th of May, 2018. Nomination forms shall be available at the meeting venue and Nostrum Attorneys, 18 Massenya Street, off Cotonou Crescent, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja as from 11th May, 2018. Screen starts at 8am, 12th of May 2018 and ends by 2pm.
The Electoral Committee of the Branch shall consider the nominations of candidates and reserves the right to disqualify any nominated candidate for contravening the conditions specified under these Guidelines and shall communicate its decision to the affected aspirants/contestants without delay.
Any disqualified aspirant who is aggrieved or dissatisfied with the decision of the Electoral Committee in respect of his nomination may within seven (7) days of the communication of the decision, appeal against such decision.
The Electoral Committee upon the receipt of an appeal from any aspirant shall consider same and give its decision within seven (7) days.


Campaign for the elections shall be conducted in accordance with the provision of Article 17 which prohibits candidates campaigning publicly in any form until the campaign guidelines are issued or released.
Candidates shall submit by email not more than four pages of A4 size electronic copy of their Curriculum Vitae, comprehensive manifestoes and other campaign material to the Electoral Committee for publication in the Branch website not later than the day fixed by the Electoral Committee.
Manifestos should be submitted along with nomination forms (hard copy & electronic copy)


Pursuant to the provision of Article 18 (1) of the Uniform Bye-Laws, Third Schedule to the NBA Constitution, 2015, the elections into the Branch offices shall be conducted by physical voting by secret ballot.

Note: List of Nominated and Screen Candidates shall be on Display on 12th May 2012 while Voters Register shall be displayed at appropriate places within 14 days to the election date.

Dated this 11th day of May, 2018

Isidore Udenko                                              Lawrence Onukwuba
(Chairman, Electoral Committee)        Secretary, Electoral Committee.

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