NBA 2018 Elections

Every aspirant for any balloting is expected to have a public written declaration of principles, policies, and objectives. Election is basically a process through which voters choose their representatives.

As a factor of the principle of legitimacy which is an offshoot of the age long concept of demokratia, it bars the uprising of every form of discontentment since it is said to end with the voice of the majority. But before an aspirant gets the desired stanchion to pass the David Tremble’s test, he or she who steps forth must as a staple of sureness make a declaration of policies which in other words means a manifesto.

The Use of manifesto during election is very essential since it carries the million-answers for David Tremble’s test (Votes test). More often than not, voters do not have the opportunity to know their aspirants one on one. Other times, aspirants may not be eloquent enough to convince voters with the words of the mouth. Thus, it is always expected that declaration of policies are made to convince voters of the objectives of the incoming administration that should be a step further from the previous. It is not only a convincing tool; it is document that contains the blueprint of any aspirant.

A manifesto should not just comprehensively contain the current plan, but also the future plan. It is expected to solve the ills that have kept the society in check, stagnant, or deteriorated. Therefore a manifesto should be the second thing to consider from an aspirant after a personal assessment of the person’s integrity has been made before every other thingamajig will fall in place. This is because integrity is never a manifesto.

As the NBA election approaches, many aspirants have made known their intention already. Supporters have started canvassing for the candidates of their choice; holding the bud and smelling the black rose. While supporters are convincing voters that their choice is the only fragrance in Turkey, it must be emphasized that integrity check and manifesto are two basic keys to winning the race. The Bar has gone beyond the presentation of a heavy resume, because resume will not move the bar forward, even though it tells how experienced an aspirant is.

The Bar must move beyond sentiments. It must consider a better bar and a profession which nobility will be spoken of for many eons. Aspirants must be able to give something new; something that has never been given before. And even if it has been given, it must be refined with innovations that project ideas unimaginable.

The bar is waiting to see a manifesto that gives priority to lawyer’s welfare; a manifesto that count the young lawyers as important cottons; a manifesto that will improve the life of the average Nigerian lawyer. The Bar is waiting to see a manifesto that will introduce the Nigerian legal profession, fully to the global age; an age where E-lawyering, will envelope the system more than a 90%. The legal profession yawns for accountability of the outgoings of practicing fees and the full dividends of good administration; an administration that will be applauded for utilizing to a reasonable number’s satisfaction, the bar’s investment, that indeed: the bar is moving forward.

So the message to the aspirants is pretty simple: Give us your manifesto and not sentiments; though it is minded that precious performance is an advance not ignored.

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