A businessman, Nurudeen Lawal, on Friday pleaded with the Oja-Oba Sharia Court in Ibadan to dissolve his marriage because his wife allegedly abandoned him to make a foreign trip with her lover.

Lawal told the court that his wife of 19 years, Waliat Lawal, abandoned him to follow her concubine, who promised her trip to the UK.

He said, “My lord, one day, Waliat told me that her ex-lover had obtained an international passport that would enable her to travel to the United Kingdom with him.

“I was dazed by this announcement but I felt that she was in a `trans’.

“About three days after, I interrogated her again on the inconceivable news she gave me and Waliat repeated the same thing.

“She was unaware that I recorded her statement.

“I explained the development to her relatives but rather than change for better, Waliat grew more wings negatively.

“On another occasion, she was unaware that I had returned home one evening, I overheard her discussing with her mother on how the new introduction she wanted to do with her secret lover would go.

“Worst still my lord, she stated, during some of the settlement meetings that she would never return to my house with jilbab (long and loose-fit garment covering woman’s her body and face).

“This is what I can never take as an Alfa. Any woman who will marry me must cover her face with veil.

“Waliat has been going to Abuja for all sorts of extra-marital activities with her concubine from the ‘O-YES’ work she told me she is doing in Osun.

“I have numerous evidences of her acts of infidelity outside her matrimonial home.”

Waliat did not deny telling Nurudeen that her ex-lover was making plans to take her to the UK.

In her defence she said, “My lord, I only acted in good faith by letting him know what was happening to me.

“If I had meant bad, I could have completed everything without his knowledge.

“Nurudeen was the one who destroyed his home by going out to tell the whole world unfounded stories about me.

“Among other things, he told people that I make him to undergo difficulty before having sexual intercourse with me and refusing to allow in-laws to enter our house.

“My lord, Nurudeen is such an ingrate because I was always there for him when he had nothing.

“But he treats me with disdain now that he is okay.

“I have made several reconciliatory efforts to reunite and settle our differences but he has remained adamant.

“He has not actually told me how I have hurt him before throwing me out of his home and marrying another wife.”

The President of the court, Sheikh Ahama Tiamiyu, ruled that the truth had been revealed, considering the evidences produced by Nurudeen and the statement made by Waliat.

However, Tiamiyu admonished Nurudeen to forgive, forget and exercise more patience as Waliat had realised her mistakes.

He adjourned the matter till Nov. 17 for further hearing.


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