Mrs. Uche Ajuru

A mother, Mrs. Uche Ajuru, has urged the Inspector-General, Ibrahim Idris, to fish out the people responsible for the missing of her son Happiness.

The 23-year-old secondary school leaver, who was an Okada rider in his Ndele area of Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, was reportedly arrested at Ogbakiri junction about 5pm on September 28, 2016 by officers of Rumuji police Division for allegedly finding the sum of N49, 000 on him.

He was subsequently detained but suddenly disappeared from the police cell five days after.

Mrs. Ajuru spoke with reporters in Port Harcourt yesterday.

Speaking through her lawyer, Mr. Handsome Wogu, she said: ”My son was arrested at Ogbakiri junction and the only thing they saw on him was N49,000 and a cell phone, which they took from him. He was detained at Rumuji police station. When I got the information I went there and I saw him.

“When I got there, the Investigative Police Officer in charge, one Mr. Akpante asked me to give them some time to investigate the arrest, which I did.

“The following day I went back to the station with one of my brothers-in-law who is also a police officer, Mr. Ohaka, who after talking with my son in the cell, went to see the officer in charge of the case(Akpante), who assured him that he was investigating the charge.

“But Okechukwu Eleonu met me and told me that I should bring N5000 for transportation that he is close to the DPO.

“He later came back that the DPO said I should pay N60,000 to get my son out of the cell and borrowed money and sold some of my belongings to raise the money. When I gave him the money, I told him that I want to go with him to see the DPO, but he said if I go with him that the DPO will not accept that amount again.

“But after some days when my son was not released, somebody told me that my son was no more in the cell again. When I got there, it was true. I started asking questions; they said they didn’t know his whereabouts. I searched in all the police stations in the state.

“I have written the Commissioner of Police in the state on the issue and the matter was taken to the state CID, but because I don’t have money to pursue the matter, it was taken to zone 6 and it was swept under the carpet.

“A boy, who was in the same cell with him, simply identified as Wisdom later told me that he saw policemen that came in the night and took my son from the prison, used a white cloth to cover his face and took him away.

“The painful thing is that all the policemen and other persons arrested in connection with this case have been granted bail and are walking freely, when no one is ready to tell me where my son is.

“If he is dead, they should tell me and give me his corpse.

“I am calling on the IGP to give ears to my cry and give me justice in this matter. They want to use the advantage that I am poor against me.”

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