It is a popular saying that what a man can do, a woman can do better. The NBA as a body of lawyers, who understand the importance of gender parity, has severally encouraged women participation in the Association’s politics. Thus, over the years some women have held certain key positions in the Association, both at the Regional and National level. This year will not be different as some women are willing to present themselves for service in the number one bar association in Africa. One of the big shoes who have presented herself to serve in the NBA is no other person than CHIEF DR. (MRS.) FOLUKE DADA – NEE LAWANSON. The gentleman in skirt who has a wealth of traditional know-how is contesting for the office of 2nd Vice president of the NBA. She believes that the NBA needs people like her to pilot the affairs of the Bar, as only one who has enough experience and wisdom can produce results that can stand the test of time. It is in the light of the above that TheNigerialawyer will be exposing the resume of this rare gem per excellence, for the perusal of common and bar men alike. EDUCATION High Chief Dr (Mrs.) Dada was enrolled for Primary School Education very early in her life; that is, in 1972 at the Methodist Primary School (Cappa) in Ilesa,Osun State. However she completed that level of education in 1977 at the Methodist Primary School, Igbogbo-Ikorodu, Lagos State. (The change in her Primary School arose because of her parents’ employment transfer from Ilesa to Lagos). For her Secondary and Higher School Certificate (HSC) levels of education, she attended the Oriwu College,Ikorodu, Lagos Statebetween 1978 and 1983and Osogbo Grammar School, Osun State between 1984 and 1985 respectively. By 1985, the then young Foluke, aside from her parents’penchant for the educational developmentof theirwards, hascuta niche for herself in the need for educational development. Thus, she was actually in a hurry to get to the highest echelon of the ladder of her educational pursuit. Not surprising therefore, she secured a place as an undergraduate at the prestigiousUniversity of Ife (now O.A.U), Ile-Ife, Osun State and completed her LL.B (with Honours) in 1989 and her B.L Certificate at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos in December, 1990 and was thus enrolled as a legal practitioner on 12th of December of the same year. Her continuous interest in further education got her outside the shores of Nigeriaas she soon added the following educational feats to her academic laureates.  Certificate in Management Studies from Lewisham College, London, UK 1977;  LL.M Degree (Child & Family Law) from theIvy League University, USA in May 2007;  Doctoral Degree in Health Law & Policy with a focus on Family Health, Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois, USA in May 2010. It is worthy of note that High Chief (Dr.) Mrs. Foluke Dada attended the great ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife, an institution that is rated very highly inside and outside Nigeria and has produced numerous high achievers and the Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, an Ivy League University with the likes of Lisa Madigan (School of Law, 1994) State of Illinois Attorney General, USA, Christine M. Radogno, 1974 Illinois State Senator for the 41st District and the Senate Minority Leader, Robert R. Thomas Justice of the Supreme Court of Illinois. He has served as the Illinois Supreme Court Justice for the Second District since December 4, 2000 and as Chief Justice from September 6, 2005 to September 5, 2008. FAMILY LIFE In the course of her pursuit for excellence in educational development of herself, High Chief Adeyinka Dada sought and got the consent of Foluke in marriage.With the success stories of their parents’ marriages very much handy to the couple,Foluke’s conjugal bliss with her highly supportive, loving and caring heartthrobAdeyinkahas been a huge success and the union hasproduced God fearing childrenwho are already making their own marks in the sound of time. EMPLOYMENT LIFE HighChief (Dr.) Mrs. Foluke Dada has worked for local and international Organizations Which Include, but not limited to the following ones: i. ObafemiAdewale& Co. (Ahava Chambers), Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria Associate, August 2010 – Date ii. District Law Firm, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, Partner, August 2014 -Date iii. Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria Senior Lecturer, August 2010 – May 2017 iv. Tikvah Women And Children Support Initiative , Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria Director, January 2012- Date v. Health Disability Advocates, Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership Staff Adviser, January 2010 vi. Civitas Child Law Clinic, Loyola University Of Chicago vii. Adviser/Clinician, January – May 2007 viii. International Society For The Prevention Of Child Abuse & Neglect, West Chicago Program Manager, June 2006 – December 2007 ix. KayodeOgunmekan& Co. Lagos, Nigeria x. Counsel, April 1991 – September 1991 xi. Lagos State Ministry Of Justice, Alausa Lagos xii. Junior State Counsel, Civil Litigation Department January 1991 –March 1991 It was the quest to make her wealth of experience in academia available to the young professionals who which to make careers in the legal profession made HighChief Dr. (Mrs)Foluke Dada to accept an employment offer from the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. She was a Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer with the University. She also served in different capacities within the university which includes: i. Faculty of Law Post-Graduate Representative, School of Post-Graduate Studies, University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria September 2010 – May 2011 ii. Member, Students Union Election Petition Tribunal, University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria June 2011 iii. Member, University of Ado-Ekiti Investigation Panel on Misconduct, April 2011. iv. Faculty Representative, Web Designs and Update, University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria July 2011 Thus, until year 2017 she voluntarily withdrew her services from the University in other to enable her pay full attention to her Court-Room-Legal-Practice. As part of her contributions to the body of legal literatures both within and outside the country, Chief Dr.(Mrs)Foluke Dada,- a consummate and prolific writer- has over 30 published articles in reputable local and international journals. They include but not limited to the following ones: i. Dada, F.O (2009) ‘Financing Healthcare in Nigeria’ Faculty of Law, University of Ado-Ekiti Journal Vol. 3 (pp. 81-110).Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria ii. Dada, F.O (2011) ‘HIV/AIDS in Children: Using the Law as a Tool to Achieve “Child-Centric” Psychosocial Health Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa’ Holy Cross University Journal of Law and Public Policy, USA Vol XV, 2011 Num. 1 91-127.USA iii. Dada, F.O (2011): ‘Immigrant and Unaccompanied: The Fate of Alien Children in the United States of America’, AdekunleAjasin University, Akungba Law Journal 5 134-147. Akungba, Nigeria. iv. Dada, F.O (2012) ‘HIV/AIDS & Children: Legal and Ethical Considerations,’ ExpressOBepres, USA (available online at or at USA v. Dada, F.O (2012): ‘Protecting the Rights of Children in Sub-Sahara Africa: Future goals for Legal System Development’, Faculty of Law, AdekunleAjasin University, Akungba Law Journal Vol.1 no. 5 pp. 134-147. Akungba, Nigeria vi. Dada, F.O (2014) ‘Legal Effects of the Nigerian Patent Law on Sale of Drugs and Consumer Protection in Nigeria,’ Global Journal of Human Social Science, (E) XIV (VI-1) USA. vii. Dada, F.O (2014) ‘Transnational White Collar Crimes Prosecution and Plea Bargaining in Prosecution: Good Practice or Legalized Extortion?’ Faculty of Law Journal of Private and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria vol.1 no. 6 381-396 Zaria, Nigeria viii. Dada, F.O (2014) ‘Justiceability and Enforceability of Women’s Rights in Nigeria’, Global Journal of Human Social Science Research Economics 14(5-E) USA ix. Dada, F.O (2015) ‘The Legal Regime of Pensions Reform in Nigeria.’ Faculty of Law Journal, Joseph Ayo Babalola University vol. 1 no.1 226-233. Ikeji, Nigeria. x. Dada, F.O (2015) ‘An Analysis of the Legal and Human Rights Issues of the Challenges Posed by HIV/AIDS in Children’. Ekiti State University Law Journal, Ado-Ekiti Vol. 6 33-151 Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. xi. Dada, F.O (2015) ‘Managing Gender-Based Violence: A Legal Conundrum.’ Ekiti State University Law Journal, Ado-Ekiti Vol. 6 399-433 Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. xii. Dada, F.O (2015) ‘The Legal Mechanisms for Protection of Internally Displaced Persons in Sub-Sahara Africa.’ Al-Hikmah University Law Journal, Vol. 1 125-151 Ilorin, Nigeria. xiii. Dada, F.O (2016) ‘The Enforcement of Electoral Laws in Nigeria’ Ebonyin State University Journal of International Law & Juridical Research Vol. 4, 47-61 Ebonyin, Nigeria. xiv. Salami B, Dada F.O, Ajibola, F, (2016) ‘Health Human Resource Challenges in Nigeria and Health Professionals.’ Sage Publishers Migration Journal of Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice on line at: USA xv. Dada, F.O (2016) A ‘Review of the National Industrial Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Center Rules & Instrument’ Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji, Nigeria. xvi. Dada F.O (2016)’ Democratic Principles & the Need for a Human Rights Approach to Sustainable Development in Resource Constrained Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa’ Ebonyin State University Journal of International Law & Juridical Research Vol. 4, 01-18 Ebonyin, Nigeria. xvii. Dada, F.O (2016) ‘Climate Change: Adequacy Of The Law In Protecting The Environment In Nigeria’ Journal of Public Law, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria xviii. Dada, F. O, (2016) ‘The Role Of Law Enforcement Agencies In Strengthening The Quality Of Justice For Women In Nigeria’ Ife Juris Review Journal of Contemporary Legal and Allied Issues, ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife, IFJR, Part 3 (June – July) ISSN: 0794-1048 Nigeria. xix. Dada F.O &Adedara V.O.A (2016) ‘Peace And Security: The Challenges Facing The United Nations In The 21st Century’ Journal of Public Law, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria xx. Adedara V.O.A, Ochem C & Dada F.O (2016) ‘Adjudicatory Jurisdiction Of The National Industrial Court In Nigeria’ Journal of Private Law, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria xxi. Dada, F.O (2016) ‘Independence of the Judiciary: A Sine Qua Non for Good Governance’. Journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria xxii. Adedara V.O.A & Dada, F.O, (2017) ‘International Criminal Justice System and the Principles of Liability’ Journal of Forensic Science and Criminology Volume 5 Issue 1 (JFSC; ISSN: 2348-9804). Online at Currently, she is on a research work on the Psychosocial Health of HIV/AIDS Orphans, Policy Development in Child Health and Women’s Rights. She is also experienced in the area of Disability Law and general Policy Development in Law. CHAPTERS IN BOOK xxvii. Ogba, C.O, Dada, F.O &Ajayi, J.K (2015) ‘Understanding Editors, Editors Process and Associated Legal Provisions in Publishing Firms’ in K.N Igwe and A.O Ahmed (eds.) Issues and Themes in Publishing (pp. 79 -96). Zeh Communications Chapter 5 Lagos Nigeria xxviii. Dada, F.O (2016) ‘Feminism and the Law: A Critical Appraisal of The Role of Women in The Traditional African Society’ Kogi State University Faculty of Law Book Project. CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS xxix. Babatunde T., Dada F.O, K. Adetifa& A. Ojo, A (2014): “The Role of Law in Safeguarding Air and Sea Transportation in Nigeria”, 47th Annual Conference of National Association of Law Teachers, Abakaliki June (2014) (pp. 443-470). Nigeria xxx. Dada, F.O, ‘The Debilitating Impact of Exploration: Land Reclamation within the Legal Framework of Environmental Protection in the Niger-Delta Area of Nigeria’ World Bank Conference on Land & Governance, Washington DC March 24th – 27th 2017. USA xxxi. Shikyil, S, Dada F &Odewale S, ‘Using the Law as a Tool to Eviscerate the Effect of Mining on Host Communities: A Case Study of Oyo & Plateau States of Nigeria’. The World Bank Conference on Land & Governance, Washington DC March 24th – 27th 2017. USA High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Foluke Dada is also the proud author of the following thesis and dissertation: (i) The Psycho-Social Health of HIV/AIDS Orphans in Sub Saharan Africa in partial fulfillment for the award of Doctor of Juridical Science Degree, Loyola University of Chicago, USA 2007-2010 (ii) Domestic Violence: The Cultural Conundrum in Nigeria, in partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Laws (LL.M) in Child & Family Law Degree, Loyola University of Chicago, USA 2007 (iii) The Formulation of Organizational Policies for a not-for-profit organization, Christ Church Brixworks Project, England in partial fulfillment for the award of Certificate in Management Studies, Lewisham College London, U.K 1997 PROFESSIONAL LIFE Albeit formerly in academia,High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Dada has been a consummate and active Bar Man. Being very cerebral in the Nigerian Bar activities, High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Dada has had the privilege of being elected or appointed to a number of positionswithin the Nigeria Bar Association that have trust, confidence honestyas unwritten codes of conductfor occupants of such posts. They include but not limited to the following ones:  Vice Chairman of the very active NBA, Ado-Ekiti Branch, 2012-2014  Chairman, Local Organizing Committee, National Executive Committee Meeting of the NBA hosted by the Ado-Ekiti Branch 2014  Chairman, NBA, Ado-Ekiti Branch, 2014-2016 (As Chairmanof the Branch, she left behind a lot of unforgettable legacies that earned her the nick name ‘Iyalode’ of Ekiti Bar’, meaning the ‘Strong Woman’ of Ekiti Bar.  Pioneer Chairman of the 1st Law Week Celebrations of the NBA, Ado-Ekiti Branch year 2012  One of the Resource Personsat the NBA Section on Legal Practice Conference, held in Abuja in 2014  NEC Representative, Ado-Ekiti Branch of the NBA 2016 – 2018 High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Dada has also served on some State Committees including the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee in Ekiti State, 2014 and the Commission of Enquiry into Extra Judicial Killings in Ekiti State. High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Dada is also a firm believer in building the prospects of the youth. Hence, she provided the platform for Young Lawyers in Ado-Ekiti Branch of the NBA to participate actively in bar activities just like their peers in bigger Branches around the country. To achieve optimal participation by Young Lawyers, High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Dada regularly sponsors Young Lawyers Forum programs and provides welfare support for indigent young lawyers through the forum. SOCIAL LIFE A very amiable,unassuming and pleasant personality, High Chief Dr. (Mrs.) FolukeDada has very good and warm relationship with professional and non-professional colleagues.She is always willing and ready to assist or to give back to members of the society at large. Thus, she is the Founder and the current President of theTIKVAH Initiative for Women & Children Support –(an NGO recognized by the Ekiti State Government and registered under the CAMA in Nigeria) that advocates for the rights of Women and Children, especially legal representations in and out of Court, community support for orphans and the vulnerable, victims of Domestic Violence or Gender-Based Violence,etc.Also she is into health advocacy in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Sexual Health and health rights in Assisted Reproductive Technology. Asrecognition of her philanthropic contributions to her husband’s Community, she was honoured with the traditional title of ‘Yeye-Mofin’ of Itaji-Ekiti, Ekiti State, by Kabiyesi, the Onitaji of Itaji-Ekiti Kingdom and members of hisCouncil. She has also been accorded the royal title of High Chief Iyalode of Ere-Ijesa Kingdom, the first of its kind in the town. High Chief Dr. Mrs.Foluke Dada has attended many local and international conferences including but not limited to: i. The Criminal Justice Conference, Asaba, Nigeria May 2018 ii. The World Bank Land & Poverty Conference 2017: Responsible Land Governance – Towards an Evidence-Based Approach. March 20-24, Washington DC USA iii. The UN Commission on the Status of Women Sixty-First Session: Women’s Empowerment in the Changing World of Work March 13-24, 2017 New-York. USA iv. 4th Annual Lecture on The National Industrial Court ADR Center and the Prospects of Labour and Employment Arbitration in Nigeria organized by Hybrid Solicitors & Consult, Monday, December 21, 2015 Nigeria v. The 36th Nigerian Association of Law Teachers Conference, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, June 2015 Nigeria vi. The Judicial Reform & Access to Justice Conference, Abuja, Nigeria July 2014 vii. The Nigerian Bar Association National Conference, Owerri, Imo State August, 2014 Nigeria viii. The Nigerian Bar Association Administration of Criminal Justice Reform Seminar, 2015 Abuja ix. ICLS 2015: International Conference on Law and SocietyMay 11-12, 2015. Montreal, Canada x. The IBA International Conference on Business Women Lawyers November 2nd 2015 Lagos. Nigeria xi. The 35th Nigerian Association of Law Teachers Conference, AfeBabalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, June 2014 xii. National Association of Counsel for Children Conference, , August 2012, Chicago, Illinois. USA xiii. 44th Conference of Nigerian Law Teachers, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria July, 2011 xiv. Roundtable Conference by the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies on Health Law & Policy, July 2011 Lagos, xv. The Children’s Legal Rights Institute on Cyber-Bullying and Sexting, Loyola University of Chicago, October 29, 2010 xvi. XIth ISPCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Lisbon, Portugal 2007 xvii. VII ISPCAN Asian Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Manila, Philippines 2007 xviii. The Sheila Wellstone Institute, Conference on Domestic Violence, Loyola University of Chicago, IL USA 2007 High Chief Dr. (Mrs) FolukeDada is also a member of the following professional bodies and associations: i. Member, Nigerian Bar Association, 1990 – Date ii. Member, Nigerian Association of Law Teachers July 2011 – Date iii. Member, Business & Professional Women Association International, August 2011 – Date iv. Member, Academic Staff Union of Nigerian University, Ekiti State University Branch, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria August 2010 – 2017 v. Member. National Association of Women in Academics, Nigeria August 2010 – 2017 vi. Member, National Association of Counsel for Children, Chicago, Illinois USA, August 2012 It will be a greathonour and privilege to continue to serve the Nigerian Bar Association being equipped with a wealth of experience possessed by this widely exposed and cerebral woman of excellence.]]>

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