The latest volume of the Law Reports of Courts of Nigeria (LRCN), Volume 289, for the month of April 2019, has been published. LRCN publishes Supreme Court Judgments monthly since 1991 till date.

TNL gathered that the LCRN in a bid to encourage customers is presently running a bonanza sale for available copies from 8 LCRN (February 1992) to Volume 226 (2) ( December 2013) for only N1,500/copy.

However, the current publication is for N3,000 per copy while the year Indexes are available at N6,000 per copy.

The organization also have other publications which include:

Law Reports of Courts of Nigeria (LRCN); Law Reports of Courts of Nigeria Criminal Cases (LRCNCC); Nigeria Land Law Cases (NLLC); and Edo State High Court Law Report (Edo/HCLR).

For more information, visit their website to read/download Reports online.

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