Reply to and Questions for Jiti Ogunye. (By Ibrahim IDOWU)

Jiti Ogunye is reported to have said “When a ballot box snatcher, armed with offensive weapons, including a gun, is shot dead by security agents, he has been brought to justice in accordance with the law – See Section 33(2)(a-c) of the Constitution of Nigeria. Cest fini

Now, I have the following questions for jiti ogunye!

(1). Do you agree that any overzealous or compromised security agent could shoot and kill an innocent Nigeria and thereafter brand him (the dead) a “ballot box snatcher?
(2). Or use ballot box snatching as an excuse?
(3) How would the dead in such a case prove that he is not a ballot box snatcher ?
(4). Could the dead do that from the grave?
(5). Do you therefore agree that this shoot-at-sight for “ballot box” snatchers is most likely to be abused by irresponsible security agents?
(6). Case in Point, How many ballot boxes did the innocent Nigerian who was recently shot and killed in broad daylight by a customs officer snatch?
(7). This question is for Jiti Ogunye, with due respect ✊!!
(8). The several cases of policemen mowing down innocent Nigerians under the pretext of extorting N20 or N100 from them, were ballot boxes snatched?
(9). Jiti Ogunye, do you agree that, with this kind of draconian directive of shoot-at-sight, Nigerian citizens who try to stop or expose security agents caught being partisan or caught participating in rigging now stand the risk of being shot and killed as “ballot box snatchers,” just for the affected security agents to cover up their sins?
(10.) So, you ought to know and agreee that a shoot-at-sight order for alleged ballot box snatchers is a clear license for the ruling-party-controlled, government security agents to kill innocent Nigerians of the opposition with impunity. It is license to kill! So, even protesters could be killed as “ballot box snatchers”
Finally, dear Jiti Ogunye, it is autocratic for the President of a Constitutional Democratic nation to give a SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDER against his subjects in that manner. The order is reminiscent of the 1994-1985 military era in Nigeria when the same man held sway.
The aforesaid is why Nigerians are unhappy with the shoot at sight order. And that’s why the detective is illegal, undemocratic, unconstitutional and unpresidential.


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