Bolaji Ramos,Esq

Put him to the test
And you’ll see that at best
The lawyer is not the reasonable man of law.
The lawyer reasons the law
The reasonable man reasons humanity.

To my brother lawyer,
The law is law, the law is law
And the law is law.
Technicalities are the law
Technical justice is the law
Mechanical justice is the law.
A constitutional enablement
That robs Peter to pay Paul is still the law.

To the reasonable man,
The law is not law that is not just.
Societal morals, mores and norms
And cultural universals
That stand at par with logic are the law.
Generally accepted ethos is the law
Equitable justice is the law
Substantial justice is the law.
A constitutional enablement
That robs Peter to pay Paul can’t be the law.

A lawyer is his lawyerliness
Sees justice according to law’s enablement.
A reasonable man in his sensibleness
Sees justice according to the firmament.
Law as it is,
That is my brother lawyer.
Law as it ought to be,
That is the reasonable man.

The reasonable man
In the eye of the law is lay— he is lay.
But in his so-called laity he has demonstrated
A good sense of judgment,
Not like my brother lawyer whose reasoning
Is boxed into the four walls of law.

-Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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