Steve Sun, as he is also called made this call while reacting to the number of candidates that bagged the first class honour in the bar finals examination. Mr. Sun is wondering whether it is the same standard used by NLS in his own time that is still maintained up till date, as he perceives that the standard is no longer the same He posted the statement below on his Facebook wall: WITHOUT PREJUDICE… When i attended Law Sch, we did about 6 or 7 courses; can’t really remember precisely. Civil Procedure. Criminal Procedure. Evidence. Company Law & Practice. Legal Drafting and Conveyancing. Professional Ethics.. (Law office management, etc). If you scored 1. 90 2. 90 3. 90 4. 90 5. 90 6. 50-59 You’d come out with a 2:2. The same thing with the person who scored 1. 50 2. 50 3. 50 4. 50 5. 50 6. 50 If you scored 1. 90 2. 90 3. 90 4. 90 5. 90 6. 60-69 You’d come out with a 2:1 Same as the person who scored 1. 60 2. 60 3. 60 4. 60 5. 60 6. 60 And if you scored 1. 90 2. 90 3. 90 4. 90 5. 90 6. 70-100 Then, you’d make 1st Class. Same as the person who scored 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 I didn’t see my scripts, but I’m pretty sure that what landed me in 2:2 must’ve been Company Law. The course is simply too vast and tricky biko! But i’m also pretty sure i must’ve scored up to and more than 90 in some of the other courses. I don’t know the formula they use in grading these days, but i think the Law Sch authorities owe us a little clarification! If they’ve departed from the above formula, they might as well make it public. Because something sounds very fishy when you come and tell us that one million people made 1st Class. I’m calling on the General-Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (Jonathan Gunu Taidi) to write to the CLE-NLS, requesting them to furnish the Bar forthwith, with some clarifications vis-à-vis the recently released results. Thanks. Steve Sun.]]>

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