A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, JS Okutepa, SAN, has said that the time has come for the judicial arm of government to rescue itself from itself and executive humiliation.

The learned Silk made this remark on Friday following the invasion of the court and violation of her sanctity by armed operatives of the DSS in the attempt to re-arrest MR. Sowore, stating that enough of judicial gentility.

He asked what on earth is the judiciary still doing and working when on a daily basis either the entire judicial arm is being humiliated or members of the judiciary are being humiliated.

He said that there are many orders of courts not being obeyed including the orders of the Supreme Court.

In his words: “The NJC must wake up and call any judicial officer with a familiar spirit of fraternity with the executive branch to order.

Judiciary as a masquerade must avoid dancing naked in the market places with Executive. Today judicial officers are not being taken serious because of too much familiarity with some members of political class.

“Daily wrongs in the hands of political class got no immediate remedies in courts. On a daily basis, you hear wrongdoers directing the victims to go to court.

“Why because they know there are no immediate remedies in courts and even when eventually you get judgment there may be no justice in them.

“That is why our judiciary is looked down upon by the power that be,” he said.

He went further to say that there are no consequences for disrespect shown to the bench.

“Why should the hallowed temple of justice be desecrated with such audacity of arrogance as exhibited today,” he asked again

“The legal profession must act fast and call its members involved to order.

“When guns are used to rig election it is the judiciary that the executive turns to give a stamp of legitimacy.

‘The judiciary will have itself to blame if they do nothing to extricate themselves from executive rascalities.

“The way we are going we may end up destroying the fabrics of justice completely if the judiciary does nothing.

“The argument that the judicial arm of government cannot go on strike does not appeal to me in the least. Which law says so.

“And in any case even if such law exists does it supersede the constitution that guarantees freedom of expression.

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