He was prevailed upon by his close surrogates not to carry out the planned assassination, but Jammeh has been fuming saying that he must liquidate the lawyers representing the opposition leader and his followers. Jammeh is foolishly entertaining the notion that the defense team are enemies of his rule. Hence, he said, he, is not going to spare them in his latest attempts to silence his critics and members of the opposition. Lord of mercy! God needs to intervene before this monster is going to finish liquidating Gambians. The defense team should be aware of their surroundings. According to highly placed State House sources, Yahya Jammeh has issued orders for the defense team to be closely monitored. This means, he is going to use his agents to create fake accidents; plant incriminating evidence against the defense; wiretap the homes of the defense; and so on. As we file this report, there is a surveillance team posted at the homes of the aforementioned lawyers. The NIA said the surveillance of these lawyers was sanctioned by their commander-in-chief Yahya Jammeh. NIA agents taking part in the monitoring of the lawyers have told the Freedom Newspaper that Yahya Jammeh’s main objective is to liquidate the lawyers before the elections. For some reasons, Jammeh is mad at the defense. He has been complaining a lot against Antouman Gaye, Hawa-Sisay Sabally and co. He is even consulting his Grand marabouts to cast spiritual spell on the defense. This is no joke. The defense should avoid eating at the court house canteen (restaurant). Jammeh’s agents are working there. The dictator is up to no good! He has issued a threat, and we deemed it imperative to expose it to save the lives of our hard working legal luminaries. In another development, Yahya Jammeh, spoke to Justice Dada on Wednesday, after the defense team walked out of her court in protest of the reprehensible behavior of some members of the security assigned to monitor the trial. Gamtel phone records have shown that the dictator spoke to the judge. He encouraged the judge to be more steadfast and not to listen to the defense. Source: Freedom Newspaper ]]>

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