The mist in the atmosphere over the painting of President Buhari that was done by Olabakin oladelemi Philips and given to his Excellency as birthday gift seems to be disappearing, following some comments by members of the past and current NBA national EXCO.

An Investigation done by TheNigerialawyers into the matter shows that there is another branch to the Story Vine planted in the legal community.

The branch is a supposed revelation of what transpired with Olabakin oladelemi Philips, Esq and the Nigerian Bar Association, as disclosed in an exclusive chat with a source with the TheNigerialawyer.

According to the source, Olabakin oladelemi Philips Esq made the painting to be presented to president Buhari at the NBA Annual General Conference in 2015, since he was believed to be the one to declare the conference open. The then NBA president Austin Alegeh, SAN told him that it would not be possible because there was no plan for that since it was not in the programme in the first place. Secondly, when the president is coming for a conference, there will be all manner of securities and it cannot be included into the programme without a formal plan to that effect.

“Olabakin oladelemi Philips, later brought the painting and gave it to NBA as a gift and the portrait was kept at the former secretariat. Alegeh’s administration told him that if they are opportune to pay a courtesy call to Mr. Buhari, they will take him along as the painter but not that he will do the presentation himself. Even when he brought it to the conference, he said he wanted it to be given to President Buhari, but he should be acknowledged as the painter. However, we were not able to visit Mr. Buhari. From day one, Olabakin gave the gift to NBA to be given to Buhari and the gift was given to him by AB Mahmoud, SAN, ” said the source.

According to the source, Mr. Philips would have complained if NBA took the painting of Buhari and gave it to someone else.

“It was not a condition of the painting that Olabakin must be present before the painting is presented to Mr Buhari. It was just an act of courtesy that if we are opportune to see him, Olabakin will go with them for making the painting willingly without being told to make the painting.”

“Even if the portrait was to be presented to Mr Buhari at the conference, it wouldn’t have been Olabakin that will make the presentation but the NBA president. If he is telling the story that he will give the painting to president Buhari, then all will amount to lies.”

The source added that he did not give the portrait to NBA to hold, rather he made it as a gift that will be given on behalf of NBA by NBA and that is the reason it has NBA LOGO on it.

Speaking further, he stated that the autograph he made on the portrait as the artist (painter) was there when the gift was presented. So where is the copyright violation? Where is the intellectual theft? asked the source.

The work belong to NBA but Olabakin oladelemi Philips, owns the untellectual property of the work.

The source therefore added that he believes Olabakin is making claims because the portrait eventually entered the villa.

”From the onset, he has always wanted it to be a gift and a gift it was. When he brought it to NBA in 2015, there was no agreement that he will be paid for it because nobody from NBA requested him to do so. Why is he requesting for money now after 3 years? If he had mentioned mpney NBA would have asked him to go away. NBA did not commission him to paint, he did it all by himself”.

The source throughout the chat justified the fact that NBA did not involve itself in any form of intellectual property theft. The trend has however not ended as TheNigerialawyer seeks to locate another branch in the story vine.

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  1. Hm. Did the NBA ever commission him to do any portrait of Mr President? So why gift what you never commissioned for. So If I parked my car with NBA logo on it within the NBA secretariat; the NBA Executive will gift my car to a VIP on the grounds that the car has parked there for 3 years and it also has the NBA logo on it? No recourse would be made to me asking if the car can be gifted? Ehhhheh! Eziokwu!
    Come on people, we know the truth. They overlooked the importance of this guy over that portrait because he is a junior and now they are trying to bully him into shutting up.
    I advise that they have a conference with him and settle this case out of court. Like you said and rightly, it would bring NBA to ridicule. They may not necessarily give him 200m(lol) but they can give him a couple of millions. NBA is a rich organization and should not be caught embroiled in this kind of brouhaha.
    And it is very petty bringing up politics or alleging a political gang up by any of the parties.
    You guys should remember that your’s is a noble profession.