A copy of the draft law obtained by our correspondent, specifically stated that women and men shall have the right to inherit, in equitable shares, their parents properties. It also proposed that widows shall not be subjected to inhuman, humiliating or degrading treatment and that a widow is entitled to guardianship and custody of her children, unless it’s contrary to the interests and welfare of the children. The draft law added that a widow shall in the exercise of her freedom of choice, have the right to remarry the person of her choice and have right to a fair share in the inheritance of the property of her husband and shall have the right to live in the matrimonial house. In the area of employment/appointment, the draft law mandated that 35 percent of all offices, positions or appointments is reserved for women. “It shall be mandatory for all organs of government, public or private institutions and corporate bodies to ensure that in the case of political and public sphere that a minimum of 35 per cent of all offices, positions or appointments is reserved for women, ” the bill stated.]]>

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