Lagos State

1). The Lagos State Government observes with dismay the unwholesome practice whereby holders and allottees of land abutting water bodies, gorges, road set-backs and green areas engaged in illegal and unauthorised extension of the parcel of land allocated to them, thereby unilaterally increasing the size of their land holding. Such illegal extension include acts of Uncoordinated sand filling, excessive dredging/ reclamation and construction of misaligned shoreline barriers, jetties and piers.

2). The illegal extension has led to countless environmental and ecological problems such as erosions, flooding, degradation of shoreline protection, blockage of water channels, obstruction of navigation/ transportation channels and unquantifiable damage to infrastructure and landed properties. The State Government is determined to put a stop to this ugly trend and ensure adherence to extant laws in the administration of its land resources in order to ensure sustainable development in the state.

3). Consequently, the Lagos State Government hereby gives notice to all land holders who have engaged in unauthorised and illegal extension, reclamation, sand filling, dredging and shoreline protection, that it will undertake a holistic audit of all existing land holding/ allocation affected by such illegal and unauthorised extension with a view of ascertaining the extent of the unauthorised extension. Thereafter, the Government will consider the environmental impact of the illegal extension on a case-by-case basis and in deserving cases may regularise the extension or take any other appropriate action. Any illegal extension that is subsequently recommended for regularisation will attract payment of land charge at the current applicable rate of the area in which the affected property is located.


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  1. I have been served a a copy of the above notice. I just wonder what approach I should now take. Please advise me