The delegation was warmly received by various Directors of the Centre namely; 1. Brig. Gen. J.O. Obasa (Director, Library, Archives and Publication) 2. Brig. Gen. S.N. Bitrus (Director, Training and Consultancy) 3. Brig. Gen. A.S. Nadani (Director, Information, Communication and Technology) 4. Brig. Gen. A.A. Orukotan (Director, Administration) 5. Col. T.I. Agbor (Research Fellow) 6. Col. P.C. Obilor (Ag. Director, Research, Innovation and Campaign Analysis) 7. Maj. B. Oladejo (Research Fellow) 8. Maj. F.P. Daniel (Public Relations Officer). The President emphasized the need for the Nigerian Army to reassure and re-connect with the civilian populace after a display of force, hence the need for sensitization of post-conflict dispute resolution and peacebuilding. Chief Emeka J.P. Obegolu, recalled several interventions of the Institute in peace building and effective conflict resolution in Nigeria which include, training of officers from the Civil Defence Corps on civil dispute resolution, collaborating with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to establish an Electoral Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre for the Commission, capacity building for stakeholders in the Northeast in post-conflict, peacebuilding and dispute resolution, establishment of Multi-door courthouses in several states of Nigeria and so many others. He assured the Nigerian army of the readiness of the Institute to support the efforts of the Nigerian Army in a strategic engagement aimed at promoting the capacity of officers and men of the defence agencies in civil dispute resolution and peacebuilding peace building, especially in theaters of conflict. The Directors of the Nigerian Army Resource Centre showed great interest in a possible collaboration with the Institute, and it was resolved that both parties will engage in further discussions to ensure a fruitful partnership and rewarding relationship. The President was accompanied by the Director, Marketing and Membership Drive; Mr. Chidy Martins and the Training Officer; Miss Chimdimma Onyedebelu.]]>

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