I have known Mobolaji Ojibara for well over ten years.

A very courteous young man, obviously a product of good parental upbringing. I was fascinated by his diligence and good advocacy skills as well as his zeal to bring improvement to the way we run the Bar. He has a good analytical mind and an eye for details.

When a few years ago he indicated an interest in becoming the Chairman of Ilorin Bar where I practice, I had no hesitation in giving him my total support.
Despite the keen contest, he had a lot of members, both very senior leaders of our branch as well as the younger colleagues behind him. Many had seen his leadership ability, his level headedness, his intelligence, his politeness and yes, his finesse. And so he won!

His tenure brought a lot of progress to our branch, having an intellectual at the helm of affairs made a lot of difference. He led the branch to work hand in hand with the judiciary to improve our work environment, cleaner courtrooms, neater premises, improved services by the registry and Bailif sections and appointment of Research Assistants for our honourable judges thereby enhancing faster service delivery as well as provision of employment for many of our young colleagues.

Under his leadership, NBA Ilorin dealt decisively with the issue of police disrespecting lawyers and even harassment and brutality of members of the public by law enforcement agents was brought to an all time low.

As the then chairperson of FIDA Kwara, the bond between FIDA and NBA witnessed an unprecedented strength. Mobolaji in his capacity as the Chairman of the Bar never missed any FIDA activity to which he was invited with his cabinet members. He supported us officially and in his personal capacity in kind and cash. With the approval of the Bar, he ensured that one of the buses of NBA was donated to FIDA for our exclusive use and to enhance our work making it the first official vehicle of our association in our over twenty years of existence.

With the help of his wife who is a medical doctor, FIDA went into a working relationship with the Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN) and together both associations were able to provide free legal and medical services to many indigent women and abused children.

Today I stand with MIO, I know his willingness to serve, I believe in his ability to deliver and I vouch for his integrity.

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