German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW)

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) on Monday said it is suing the Turkish Government for the release of an interview it conducted with one of its ministers that was seized recently.

Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Akif Kilic spoke to DW’s Conflict Zone show in early September about the coup attempt in July, as well as questions about media freedom and women’s rights in Turkey.

The broadcaster said its crew was told after the interview had been concluded that the material could not be broadcast as all recordings were confiscated by ministry personnel.

DW said that two deadlines for the release of the video material had passed, and that it had now filed a lawsuit with a civil court in Ankara,
the Turkish capital.

“This has nothing to do with the rule of law or democracy.

“We demand from the Turkish side, the immediate release of our video material,’’ DW’s Chief Executive, Peter Limbourg,
said. (dpa/NAN)

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