Peter Itopa Adogun

* Arraign accused over certificate, identity theft

The police in Kwara State have arrested and arraigned a man, Peter Itopa Adogun, before an Ilorin Magistrate’s court for certificate and identity theft in the state capital.

The accused, according to the First Information Report, has been practising as a lawyer in Ilorin and its environs since 2007 with the name “Barrister I. T. David.” The suspect was picked up and investigated, following a petition written to the police on behalf of the Ilorin branch of the Nigerian Bar Association by its legal adviser, Oyetunji Ojuokaiye.

According to the prosecutor, Nasir Yusuf, “The suspect jumped police administrative bail after being arrested while appearing before an Area Court in Ilorin. He was, however, rearrested on the roof top of his house on January 7.

The FIR reads, “It was discovered that the accused had falsely taken the credentials of one Inufin David Taiwo, an Abuja-based lawyer, under the guise of helping him to secure job in an oil company, only to come to Ilorin and start practising as a lawyer with the photocopies.

Investigation, however, showed he did not undertake any law programme in any institution. “It was revealed that the suspect has practised as a legal practitioner and appeared in several matters at all levels of Nigerian courts, up to the Supreme Court, winning several cases in the process.

The report further read, “Found in his possession at the point of arrest included complete legal practitioner’s robe, legal books, complementary cards, copies of legal processes filed in several courts and other incriminating items relating to his fraudulent legal practice.

“The owner of the certificates, who claimed to know the suspect, said that Adogun was a client at the office where he observed the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps.” He further stated that he gave him copies of his credentials to help him to secure employment. Magistrate I.O Olawoyin, in her ruling, denied the accused bail, remanded him in Mandala Medium Prison and adjourned the case till February 1.

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  1. Imagine a folk who never studied Law winning “several cases up to our Supreme Court.
    My take:Law practice has suffered severe battering from fraudulent Judges.

  2. Since has been winning cases at all level of court jurisdiction up to supreme Court let NBA adoption him and formally recommend him to Nigerian Lawal school for award of Bl Honornari coursa. He already has practical experience. Why prosecute him. Let him continue. He is a genius my Broda.

  3. Wonderful! That means he is a self-taught lawyer.Look at the fact that he has won several cases in all levels of Nigerian courts.Don’t ruin him pls.

    • True. Tap into him, use the research to help our courts / judges. Help him to fulfill legally what he has been practicing and succeeding in all these years. I think it is only a genius that can perform this kind of feat.

  4. He deserved the certificate because during his winning time no body discovered as a fake so for now let his continue on his achievement my GOD bless Nigerian

  5. How did someone who have never been to the class as a law student appear in supreme court and invariably beat learned counsel’s ?
    Quite interesting !!

  6. How did he win learned counsel’s in supreme court without been to the class ?
    What magic did he employ to beat the learned counsels down ?
    He’s quite a genus.

  7. Skill aquisition should take prominence in Nigeria accademic corriculum rather than certificate proficiency. The accused should be pardoned and allowed to take Bar Exams towards using his skill rather than wasting it in jail.

  8. Comment: the western world won’t ruin dis man, please we should join voices so dt d Nigerian way of wasting talents shouldn’t be allowed to happen. This man stands out… It’s only in Nigeria dt such cases can be heard…. Bringing to mind d case of a fake doctor who have bin practicing as a doctor for more than 10 years.

  9. We shouldn’t condone illegality please. What he has done is outrightly illegal and therefore he should be prosecuted

  10. This is amazing. The guy has displayed his God given talent to have won several cases. Left to me he deserved national award.

  11. I wonder why you’re surprise that he won his cases at all levels. In a Country where justice is for salr , anybody can win. The highest bidder wins not the best Lawyer.

  12. Going to University to study law and medicine is a recent phenomenal, law,medicine and some other professions were studied through apprenticeship. There should be provisions for people like this in our society. In some states in the usa you do not have to have a law degree to practice law, you just have to pass the bar examination and then you can practice.

  13. this is the level of fraud in nigeria. it is surprising that people are not afraid of this profession whereby going to the level of impersonating as a lawyer.i use this medium to call the NBA in their respective branches to properly cross-check the validity of all practicing lawyers and even judges because it is possible that some of our judges may find themselves in this category of persons i.e if this man had not been cut and he eventually appointed as a judge.

  14. Why should it be surprising that a non-lawyer won cases even up to the Supreme Court? The point is that just like a good wine which needs no bush (advertizement), a good case needs no SAN. A good case may require any lawyer. It can even argue itself so to say. Judges are also known to help out, and rightly so in such cases. It is in the interest of justice that a judge does. No SAN or miracle can turn around a manifestly bad case. He’ll have the court itself to contend with. Not so?

  15. It’s too early in the day to talk about reprieve for this criminal or sympathy and understanding (considerations) for fake but good lawyers. Let him first face the wrath of the law by serving his term in jail the appropriate punishment. His sympathizers can then ask for his pardon and sponsor a bill for a law to recognize such (mal)practice.

    • He may be a genuis because he won some cases but we should also look at other actions exhibited by this man. He jumped bail and was later areested on his roof top! Fine, on a close look, he is actually an intelligent man but his strengths should have beenchannelled to into right doings. If he really wanted to be a lawyer, there are procedures and no matter what is obtainable in other countries, the law in Nigeria still stands, that one has to go through the university, proceed to the Nigerian law school, write the bar exams; be found to be generally fit and proper and then be called to the bar. We cannot explain these away because one man impersonated and won cases up to the supreme court. He should be made to face the full brunt of the law if found guilty; go through rehabilitation, be reintegrated into the society again and then he can channel his skills and natural tendencies into worthy causes as a patriotic Nigerian. The legal profession is still a noble one though we have bad eggs in it but pls let’s not complicate issues by supporting an impersonator. If the ones that were genuinely called are engaging in incongruous acts, how much more this man, who has not passed through any of the educational drillings that is usually meted out. Please, the next generation deserves better (if Christ tarries) and we should be able to present a noble profession to them.

  16. He may be a genuis because he has won some cases but there are other actions of his that should make him go in for his crime. He jumped bail and was later arrested on his roof top.Is that the kind of ‘lawyer’ that should be applauded and tagged a genius? What qualifies us as lawyers is not because we read and passed exams alone, but because we were found to be fit and proper in all other areas. If he was smart or he really had flair for law, then he would have gone through the normal processes of being a lawyer
    Pls let’s not support crime and other criminal tendencies by giving it a new name. The legal profession is still noble even when we have bad eggs in it. The next generation deserves something better.
    On the above, I recommend that he should be made to face the law, be punished accordingly if found guilty, go through the necessary rehabilitation platforms that can help be become a better person, be reintegrated back into the society and then, he can convert all his skills into worthy causes. Thank you!

  17. This man is a criminal and MUST be treated as such. Most of the comments above crystallized one of the core problems in Nigeria. Namely, the normalization of criminal behavior. Because he may be a good lawyer doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t do the work that it takes to go to law school. Law and order is at the core of every successful country and economy. THINK IDIOTS!

  18. Why are we partial judges in a clear case of criminality. A man kills another to become wealthy and we are ready to elect him president of the country? Crime has no other flair, its a crime. Let him face it to deter others.