A reliable source at the commission told our correspondent that Ogunlana was arrested last week and spent three days at the commission’s Lagos office answering question about the fraud allegation against him. The source added that Ogunlana was released last Friday to a former local government chairman of Amuwo Odofin in Lagos State with an instruction to report back to the agency on Monday. According to the source, Ogunlana made useful statements to the agency. The process leading to his arrest was initiated through a petition written by three members of the branch alleging that Mr Ogunlana as a former chairman transferred to his personal Account and squandered over thirty million Naira of the branch’s funds in cahoot with a former chairman Mr Yinka Faronbi and former Treasuer one Mrs Kappo. Upon receipt of the petition, EFCC extended letters of invitation to the trio but was snubbed by the former executives. While Mrs Kappo remained evasive and incommunicado, Ogunlana and Faronbi allegedly snubbed the Agency by writing funny letters to them alleging political persecution and blackmailing Mr Femi Falana SAN as the one behind their ordeal. Every attempt made by EFCC to have them honour and explain their position with regards to the alleged misappropriation of the funds of the branch was resisted by them. Presently, Yinka Faronbi and Mrs Kappo risk arrest by the Agency unless they surrender themselves willingly and explain their own part on the alleged misappropriation of the funds of the Branch. From the standpoint of law, Mr Ogunlana has a lot of explanation to do with the brazen transfers of huge sums of money of the branch into his personal account which is contrary to all known operations of the Accounts operation of the branch, more so when the secretary and the Treasurers were never signatories to the massive transfers but done in connivance with the former Chairman Mr Faronbi and former treasurer Mrs Kappo who were not supposed to be signatories at that time.]]>

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