Members noted that the aspect of defining religious differences was a sensitive one and urged that it should put into consideration the consequences of making such decisions. Responding, Edwin Snowe, a representative of Liberia said the proposal was subject to amendment. “The comments from member states are welcoming but I do not subscribe to Liberia being a Christian state. It has its security concerns. “We have coexisted as a secular state over the years, we have lived together as one people. “Constitutional reforms come from the people and then it is incumbent upon the leadership to be able to go through those suggestions before putting them up for referendum. “It is very unlikely, extremely unlikely that a legislation will pass on such and Liberia becomes a Christian state. It was founded on Christian principles but we respect each other and have lived as one. “The Inter-Religious Council of Liberia have had major discussions and have spoken against Liberia becoming a Christian state. “Yes, it is out, it is before the legislature and I look forward to us denying the passage of such,” he said. Liberia seeks to review its constitution and the country’s Constitution Review Committee has held several conferences with proposals for amendments being made by delegates. The proposed amendments include the reduction of tenure of the president from six to four years and amendments on laws against dual citizenship, among others. (NAN)]]>

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