Speaking in Abuja, the Arch Bishop of Kafanchan Diocese, Joseph Bagobiri, said the main reason Nigeria has not enjoyed peace was because its people have continued the “blind pursuit” of “self-centred and parochial interest”. “We have since our amalgamation in 1914, and all through our 55 years of independence as a sorrowing state, not been successful in harnessing our plurality; our diversity, into a rainbow of peace and sustainable development,” he said. “We need Nigeria first, before all the other contending things that we are fighting and struggling for.” The Bishop charged the new administration to make justice, fairness and equity its watchword, as a means of ensuring the support of Christians and all Nigerians. “We didn’t have any problem with this government coming into power. We support this government we pray daily for this government. But we advise this government to enthrone justice fairness and equity,” he said. He urged President Buhari to desist from being tempted to use anti-graft agencies for selfish gains. “Nigerians are very smart people. Nigerians are very intelligent people. If you are fighting corruption for the sake of corruption, Nigerians understand it,” he warned. “If we mistakenly give in to the temptation of using government apparatus like the EFCC, the ICPC, and their likes as instruments to scold; instruments of revenge and vendetta, sooner or later we will not be able to go on,” he said. The Bishop said justice should be preceded by love and humanity. “Whatever polices we are going to carry out, they must have a human heart guiding them. They must have also a human face,” he said. Mr. Bagobiri said the actions of the National Assembly towards resource management have negated the principles of brotherliness, and national unity. The Bishop said Nigeria needs first to strive for the survival of its country, before any material wealth. He lamented the increased attack on the family, adding that various countries, including Ireland, USA Germany and even South Africa, have enacted diverse laws he said conflict with the proposed plan of God for creation. He said the Catholic Church in Nigeria will do its best to resist the temptations of the west and called on Vice Presidet Yemi Osinbajo, who attended the service, to ensure that the Buhari administration avoids giving support to same-sex union.]]>